A Biology Teacher's Sexual Deviance under the guise of Biology Lessons

With so much highly sexualized and pornographic material available for minors to access these days, parents must work overtime trying to screen and monitor what their kids are viewing these days. One would think educators would understand the need to help keep the minds of minors free from morally degrading material, as it impacts the character and minds of young people. But, sadly, there are some who use their positions as educators for less than noble purposes. And, even worse, some use their positions of influence to script the minds of their students toward sexual deviance, making them ripe for being sexually exploited, or actually becoming sexually predatorial. This is a classic example of the kind of "instructional" video that a sexual predator would use the begin the sexual grooming process of one of his/her students. Having conducted sex offender treatment for years, the degree of deviance contained within this educators video and the messages she conveys (e.g. "legalize everything") are extremely disturbing and concerning, since she is a mandated reporter of suspected sexual abuse of minors. With her message, if she were to actually act upon what she pushed in this video, she would be blind to the red flags of grooming by sexual predators... as such red flags are throughout her video. Parents and educators, be cautious when viewing this material, yet learn from it in terms of what you would want to look for if a predator was beginning to groom your minor.

Parents, as educators are Mandated Reporters of suspected sexual grooming, abuse, and exploitation it is imperative that you know what is being taught to your minors, who is teaching them, and how it is being taught.
Though there are many concerns about this woman who holds a Ph.D. in Biology (who is currently running for a K-12 school board position in Chilliwack BC, Canada), the primary concern (along with the impact such "educational material" will have on the minds of young people... or that may just be due to my having worked with incarcerated sex offenders for 11+ years), is that this woman is a Mandated Reporter of suspected sexual grooming, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. Given her positions clearly laid out in this film (no pun intended) about sexual deviance and advocating to "Legalize Everything" (including the lowering the Age of Consent, and legalizing Pimps & Johns), her perspective toward extremely deviant sexual activities leaves her unable to meaningfully discern what should or should not be reported. And, astonishingly, she appears clueless how video is exactly the kind of gateway sexually deviant material that sexual predators use to begin the grooming process with minors. Little does she seem to know that, or be bothered by that thought.


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