Confused and Troubled Youth are NOT Helped by "Affirming" a Delusion!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor of 30+ years, having worked intensively with troubled youth, survivors of sexual abuse, and sexual predators, and can assure you that confused and troubled youth do NOT benefit from having a delusion "affirmed." No one does. They benefit from being able to talk about where their confusion came from, when the emotional pain and confusion started, who first introduced them to porn, how the blurring of sexual boundaries happened, how they were sexualized, who planted ideas in their head, and who has crossed their sexual boundaries. And, they need to know that they are created in a special way, just as they are, and do NOT need to change themselves, or allow Agenda-driven deviant adults and greedy doctors to chemically sterilize them or amputate any of their body parts for profit.

Troubled youth are helped by being assisted with identify their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities, NOT by dangerously naive, personality disordered, warped, porn-influenced, Agenda-driven, or predatory adults telling them lies about being born in the wrong body or being "two spirits", or other such bizarre notions. They need competence and confidence, not dangerous distortions of reality that leave them wide open to being manipulated, used, abused, and exploited by financial and sexual predators. So, if you really want to help these troubled kids, do NOT affirm the idea of "Non Binary" or "Preferred Pronouns," as those only affirm a myth a delusion state of mind, and leaves them easy prey for manipulators and predators.

For more information on the Dangers of the Trans Deception:

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Jon K. Uhler, LPC and Alix Aharon, in a follow-up interview on What the Pushers of the Trans Deception don't want you to know:

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Jon K. Uhler, LPC challenges his fellow mental health professionals to say, "Enough is Enough" to the grand ruse called the Trans Movement.

Jon K. Uhler's full bio can be found here, on


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