How could the Judge NOT have Understood the significance of this look?

How many such mugshots did I see over the 11+ years, while serving as a sex offender treatment provider on Psych staff within the PA Dept. of Corrections, with men who adopted such a look for the camera, while posing for their mugshots? Thousands of them! After you review enough of them, you begin to see a pattern emerge, a reliably consistent clinical and criminal profile emerges, between the kind of facial expression a man makes during his mugshot, the kind of crime he likely committed, his mental state at the time of booking, his psychological profile, and his overall criminal disposition and mindset. And, having reviewed hundreds of such criminal files in the course of my clinical work on prison psych staff, I have seen just such a look... the look Sam Brinto chose to give during his booking, after his arrest for stealing women's luggage, giving him direct access to their underwear... and, quite likely their identities and their contact information.

What do you see when you look at his face, and when you look into his eyes? Does this look like a humbled man? Does this look like a man who has finally hit bottom due to an addiction? No, this is the look you see on certain kinds of criminals. It is the look you see on the most brazen, bold, strategic, calculating, and defiant of criminals, especially those who've become uniquely sexually deviant.

With respect to Sam Brinton, his mugshot fits his profile... one of a brazen and bold liar, who developed his skills of impression management and deception early on, as can be seen in how, even as a young adult, Sam had developed an adept ability to look someone right in the eye, or look directly into the camera, while lying boldly and brazenly through his teeth. Sam Brinton's professional-grade ability to deceive others became so well developed, that by the time he was a young adult, even those within the Gay Community, couldn't buy Sam's manufactured personal story of having been subjected to the torture of the mythical practice of "Conversion Therapy," by his so-called bigoted, narrow-minded, fundamentalist, right-wing, conservative, traditional-values-holding Christian parents. Not surprisingly, it is the likes of Sam Brinton and other Agenda-driven "special interests" who are the ones employing actual medical conversion therapy. And, it is he and the other Trans Activists who actively engaged in the process of converting other people's children. And, they are now so emboldened, that they don't even try to hide their intentions.

It is the likes of Sam Brinton and other such bold and brazen Trans Deceivers who have perfected the art of manipulating the public's perception and sentiments, by artfully spinning false narratives of so-called "hate crimes" against men in sexually deviant "alternative" lifestyles, which has enabled them to perfect the art of impression management. Whether it be with the death of a young man, Matthew Shepperd, that was deceptively spun into "hate crime" to further their Agenda, and other knowingly false narratives of deviant men dressed in women's underwear and drag being murdered because they were "Trans", such deviant Pushers of the Trans Deception's Agenda have no problem adopting a Cheshire Cat-like grin, looking right into the camera, and lying boldly, (and, despite having any ability to recall normally expected details such as the name of the unethical abusive therapist), knowing it will advance their Agenda, which has, in large part, the goal of subverting and negating Age of Consent laws, and the "destigmatizing" or normalization of pedophilia, which is well underway, with the help of equally Agenda-driven sexually deviant academics and other deviant professionals.

To see the Dr. Bailey's classroom demonstration, start at the 10 min mark of the following video:

In his film debut (as seen below), Sam Brinton offers an acting performance worthy of an Oscar, which highlights his ability to boldly craft convincing lies. Should such an ability surprise us? No, as this is the same ability he and other such Agenda-driven activists employ. And, it is this ability to lie boldly, and deceive artfully, that allows this sexual deviant to shamelessly and repeatedly refer to himself as a "Survivor"... which is the ultimate insult to actual Survivors of sexual abuse. But, little would he care about true Survivors, anymore than he did about the feelings of the women he victimized... by stealing their luggage to gain access to their underwear, for his own deviant purposes of using their underwear to "get off" while no doubt watching very deviant porn, which likely included rape scenes. No, Sam Brinton was NOT abused, thus NOT a Survivor, as he cannot provide a shred of actual proof of that, and we certainly are not going to take the word of a first-class criminal, who has demonstrated he is a deceiver and a liar. No, Sam Brinton did NOT "survive" anything, as he evidences none of the genuine characteristics of an actual survivor. He simply grew in his self-entitled ego-driven shamelessness, fueled by years of progressively deviant porn, which has allowed him to perfect the ability to manipulate people's emotions, and effectively employ adept impression management skills.

Having mastered the art of the spin, Sam Brinton, like so many other sophisticated sexually manipulative men, who demonstrate the artful ability to lie convincingly once they finally get busted, was able to blatantly, boldly, and convincingly lie when asked direct questions by law enforcement about his involvement with the stolen women's luggage, which contained women's underwear. He at denied any knowledge of such a bag, despite having removed the contents, including the woman's underwear, and used the stolen bag for his own personal belongings on at least two trips, (one trip with the stolen bag to teach a sexually deviant workshop on Kink).

Who would think that Sam Brinton could become so adept at lying through his teeth on the fly, and sounding so convincing? But, that is the little understood phenomenon that happens the further a bright man allows himself to override his conscience, he descends beyond lust, continues downward through the twisting stages of deviance, then finally descending into the progressive process sexual psychopathy, finally morphing into a sophisticated sexual predator, with the final stage being that of a child predator. Few in the general public understand that, when it comes to the sophisticated kind of sexual predator, the more psychopathic he becomes, the more normal he can appear.

This degree of deception, which is a key character trait of white collar psychopaths comes from years of practice, which usually starts early. Watch a master of impression management, from the biographical film, 'Catch Me If You Can', about professional con artist, Frank Abagnale, as he is able to pass himself off as a lawyer, a doctor, and an airline pilot, all before the age of 21, through an adept ability to pass himself off as believable and trustworthy. Then, watch Sam Brinton, as he tries out his own acting ability.

The similarities in skill level are uncanny. And, it is this ability to act "as if" that enabled Sam Brinton to act as if he was qualified, to go from an Agenda-driven nobody... who was strategically influencing & targeting young people via Trans Deceptive policies, to an Agenda-driven somebody, assuming the impressive role as the Energy Department's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, and receiving the highest of security clearances... who was using that powerful position to strategically influence & target young people from a very high federal government level.

Sam Brinton's mugshot fits the profile of the strategic and calculating kind of criminal minds, who find ways of exploiting the naiveté of trusting adults, to gain access to the greatest pool of the most vulnerable minors, in order to influence their sex and sexuality, leaving them easy prey to be manipulated, and exploited, for his own personal ends and deviant strategic purposes, and used as pawns toward his desired outcome...

This is why, it should not surprise us to find that, prior to his placement in the US Dept. of Energy, overseeing spent nuclear fuel, Sam Brinton managed to secure for himself a strategic position of influence, that he lobbied politicians & federal government officials by leveraging "the power of politics." Further, it should not surprise us that Sam Brinton, prior to assuming the levers of power in government, that he secured a strategic position within an extremely well-funded "non-profit", which enabled him to craft extreme Agenda-driven dangerous policies for schools, via the Trevor Project... an extremely influential organization which has, as its target audience, very emotionally troubled youth, most of whom have experienced some form of sexual abuse and manipulation. Not only has the Trevor Project produced deceptively flawed research findings to produce false outcomes and flawed findings to further their own goals, but it has also been revealed to be an ideal means of exploiting vulnerable youth, and has served as the perfect undercover means by which sophisticated sexual predators can gain direct access to such minors, without parental knowledge or consent.

This is why it should not surprise us that Sam Brinton, by means of his strategic position within the Trevor Project, would have ready access to the most vulnerable of minors who have untreated mental health issues. In such an activist position, he would be able to strategically craft and influence school policies and public perception in such a way that it would enable sexual predators easier access to minors, and to identify and groom vulnerable youth, by means of the Trans Deception's SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Sex Ed materials, "resources", and "support services."

This is why it should not surprise us to discover that, prior to securing a strategic position of Activism and influence in the Trevor Project, that Sam Brinton was the principal officer for the Washington DC chapter of the religiously insensitive & blasphemous, sexually deviant, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Photos from events held by 
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Sam Brinton demonstrated an adept ability to use impression management, while strategically using his positions of influence toward his sexually deviant personal and ideological ends, which is why it should not surprise us that, as was recently revealed by Matt Walsh (who produced the nationally acclaimed documentary, What is a Woman'), during a particular segment featuring Matt Walsh's about Sam Brinton, revealed that in 2015, Sam Brinton "wrote an article in the Advocate, the gay activist magazine, where [Sam Brinton] defended a website called 'Rentboy,' which had been shut down by the Feds for facilitating underaged prostitution [of young males]... He argued that the sexually deviant website, which encouraged the sexual exploitation of young males, called, 'Rent Boy', was performing a service, by giving young people a way to earn a living by selling their bodies."

What is so concerning about such a revelation about Sam Brinton's background of extreme sexual deviance, and his advocacy toward activities that lower the bar regarding the protection of minors against sexual grooming, sexual abuse, and exploitation/trafficking, is that, in the documentary, 'The Boy Business: A pedophile ring in Amsterdam... which reveals unnerving details regarding how sophisticated pedophiles manage to gain access to vulnerable male minors... whose profiles are virtually identical to large percentage of the vulnerable young males within the Trans Movement... young males, including pre-pubescent boys, from the streets of London (where the "transitioning" of minors has been aggressively pushed), many of whom are kidnapped, drugged, restrained, sexually used and abused repeatedly, and then trafficked in other countries, especially in Amsterdam. Such vulnerable minors, who are accessed, exploited, and sold by male pedophiles looking for younger and younger age male minors, are actually referred to as "Rentboys." (at the 17:30-21:40 section of the film, posted below). 

Additionally, in the 1981 ground breaking documentary, 'Boys for Sale: Child Trafficking in the USA', many of the horrors faced by vulnerable male youth, due to the methods used to sexually use and exploit them by deviant predators, are revealed, which raises serious questions as to why Sam Brinton would actively defend the practice of the prostitution of minors. Despite the continued rise in the numbers of vulnerable youth over the past 40 years since the making of that documentary, the stark realities of the dangers of at-risk young males being exploited by sophisticated and powerful predators is still just as real. Which is why it is all the more telling and suspect that Sam Brinton would advocate for the website Rentboy, and for the unhindered practice of the sexual exploitation of such at-risk youth via prostitution.    

As an MIT graduate, we must conclude that Sam Brinton is bright. Therefore, we cannot excuse away his clear and transparent attempts to preserve and protect the practice of the sexual exploitation of vulnerable minors. He knows the reality of what happens when young people enter into prostitution, and what happens when lobbyists, such as Sam Brinton,  are successful in not only protecting the vile practice, but in achieving its legalization.

This is why there is simply no way around the reality that Sam Brinton actively supports the sex trafficking of young vulnerable minors... the very population the Trevor Project seeks to access. Given the reality that: (1) sexual predators will use the pretense of modeling and acting opportunities (as seen at the 22:46 mark of the documentary on sex trafficking of minors in Europe), to lure vulnerable young people into situations where they will be "introduced" into prostitution (the Trevor Project's headquarters is located in West Hollywood... a meca for young, vulnerable youth looking for a was to break into modeling or acting... a location that is quite the expensive area for a non-profit interesting in being wise financial stewards with its financial contributions), (2) pimps and "pushers" are specifically using the Trans Movement to target vulnerable gender-confused youth, and (3) sexual predators are inevitably interested in having their prostitutes looking "newer" (code for "younger", as described by those who've worked in legal brothels), it now makes sense why Sam Brinton would be so interested in: (1) gaining direct access to such vulnerable gender confused youth, (2) pushing policies and sexually deviant materials on school kids designed to facilitate the sexual grooming of such vulnerable youth, and (3) pushing puberty blockers for such vulnerable minors, keeping them looking young for as long as possible (appearing to be pre-pubescent). 

There is simply too much that points to the dark and twisted of sexual deviance to which Sam Brinton has descended, and the twisted desires and deviant Agenda that truly motivates him. After all, we clearly know Sam Brinton is extremely saturated in sexual deviance, that his sexual deviance has become so profoundly entrenched that it has taken him to new levels of criminality, that he is able to lie boldly and convincingly, and that he has an advanced ability to strategically lie to law enforcement and the public, like the best of criminal minds and white collar psychopaths. 

So, given Sam Brinton's level of sexual perversion and deviance, given his intense interested in facilitating the exact kind of policies and activities that make minors easier prey for predators, and furthers the agendas and opportunities of sexual predators and sex traffickers, and given the brazen look of defiance he exuded in his mugshot, it couldn't be that Sam Brinton is interesting in facilitating the sexual grooming, exploitation, and trafficking of vulnerable minors? Couldn't be what it looks like, right? 


The fact that Sam Brinton has:
(1) mastered the art of deception,
(2) demonstrated he has saturated himself in a steady diet of extremely sexually twisted and deviant pornography,
(3) demonstrates, by virtue of his participating in "pup play" that he has accessed bestiality porn,
(4) spent years working with organizations where he, and sophisticated sexual predators, would have direct access to vulnerable minors, many of whom are runaways and have previously been sexually abused and exploited,
(5) worked energetically to influence policies and legislation that increases the likelihood that sexual predators will have easier access to vulnerable minors, to abuse and exploit them,
(6) and that he wrote in defense of a website dedicated to the prostitution and trafficking of male minors for adult male sexual predators and traffickers,
(7) has a significant history of wearing women's underwear,
(8) has a criminal history of stealing women's luggage, and their underwear,
it is little wonder that Sam Brinton would advocate for, and aggressively push, the kind of sexually deviant material on school children, which will sexually groom minors, leaving them easy targets for sexual predators.

And, in addition to enabling deviant adults to sexually groom minors, is it any wonder why Sam Brinton advocates for the legalization and legitimization of prostitution, and is in favor of young people to trying as a career option?
This is why sophisticated Pushers of the Trans Deception's financial "special interests", and sexually deviants and perpetrators, such as Sam Brinton, do NOT want people watching the following video, as they attempt to hide the their efforts toward "introducing" such vulnerable young people into the world of prostitution. Sam Brinton, and the other Trans-pushing special interests, know the reality of what happens when young people "try out" prostitution as a supposed legitimate career option, and they know what always happens whenever prostitution is normalized, legitimized, and legalized.

So, what does look in Sam Brinton's mugshot tell me, as someone who has conducted 100s of Risk Assessments and Parole Psych Evals? It tells me that, the same sophisticated sexual deviant, Sam Brinton... who strategically used his position at the Trevor Project to undermine parental authority, to lower the bar re. child protection, and who found a brilliant way of sexually grooming kids via deviant sex ed curriculum... who was no doubt using his strategic executive appointment to a key position within the US Dept. of Energy to craft additional policies and procedures which would further permit sexual predatory men direct access into the private spaces of women and children... received the most laughable of all sentences by a judge, and, as a result, will likely feel even more empowered to acting upon the twisted and dangerous fantasies of those men who have immersed themselves in the dark underbelly perversions of the Trans Activists. Given his level of intelligence (he graduated from MIT), and with the strategically useful connections he has no doubt made over the years, we will likely not see what he will now become engaged in, in terms of the true levels of his sexual deviance.

The average person would think this would be the moment that Sam Brinton hits bottom. But, how could this judge not understand what this look means, as he has, no doubt, seen 100s of such mugshots? To the average person, who has not had the opportunity to work in an in depth fashion with the sophisticated criminal mind, who does not understand the pathway into sexual deviance, who would likely not understand the difference between a sexual addiction, a "fetish", and sophisticated sexual psychopathy, it would be understandable that the important distinction might not be made.

But, this is why I assert the judge should have known better... should have understood the significance of the look Sam Brinton gave for his mugshot... should have seen that, for once, we see the unscripted Sam Brinton. And, any forensic professional called upon to assess the level of risk posed by Sam Brinton, should also have understood this too, and properly have assessed this man to be the high risk that he is, as Sam Brinton clearly fits the clinical criteria for the latter.

The Relationship Between Sexual Deviance and Sexual Psychopathy

What do I see in such a mug shot, and what do I anticipate will be the outcome from this anemic and extremely ill-advised judicial decision? I see that a man named Sam Brinton, who revealed the same brazen and defiant look that I have seen countless times in the mugshots of the recalcitrant sophisticated white collar sexual psychopath. His is the classic look of the profoundly defiant sexual deviant who is showing a middle finger to the camera with his eyes, who is simply regrouping, and calculating his next move on the chess board of his mind. His is the look that reveals a mind that has progressed beyond sexual deviance, and is now sexually predatory, from being immersed in years' worth of progressively dark pornography and from his involvement in extremely twisted sexual activity. And, his look is one that reveals a profoundly sexually twisted and sadistic mind... which is why he teaches courses to other sexual psychopaths on how to enact, among other things, sexual sadism and bestiality. I hope I am wrong, for the safety of women and minors. But, my years of working clinically in Prison with the likes of Sam Brinton, my experience tells me otherwise.

In the following video, containing the audio portion of the Dec. 21, 2022 program of the Todd Herman Show, national talk show radio host, Todd Herman interviews Clinical Sex Offender Treatment Provider, Jon K. Uhler, LPC, regarding the clinical profile of Sam Brinton.

Shortly after the news broke of Sam Brinton's first arrest for stealing a woman's luggage (to gain access to her underwear), I was interviewed by Ken McClenton, President of TECN.TV, over my concerns regarding Sam Brinton's actions, which was recorded shortly after the news of his first arrest:

The Dangers of Promoting Sexually Deviant Men into Positions of Power.

After the news broke of Sam Brinton's second theft of a woman's luggage within the span of 4 months, (the luggage contained her underwear and personal information), I once again was interviewed by Ken McClenton, of TECN.TV, where I shared a further clinical analysis of Sam Brinton in the following video:

The Profile of a Sophisticated Perpetrator:
A Sex Offender Treatment Provider's Assessment of Sam Brinton.
Readers in the UK can access the video here: UK Version

It is worthy of noting that, despite the extent to which Sam Brinton pushed the limits, and wore women's underwear and drag for government photo ops and gala events as those were of strategic value toward pushing his deviant Agenda, Sam actually does know how to dress appropriately, in very much normal male attire, when it is to his advantage. Notice how he dresses and responds during his trip to court? And, he even went without lipstick. Quite the tactical move. For sophisticated sexual deviants like Sam Brinton, it is all about strategic impression management.

To understand the dangers of the kinds of policies pushed by the likes of the sexual deviant Sam Brinton, that are currently being used to sexually groom minors via so-called SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Sex Ed curriculum and school policies, and the activities that are being held on school campuses with parental knowledge, such as the GSA (Gay
Straight Alliance) clubs, being used to groom vulnerable minors, visit the SOGI International Task Force, for information intended to empower parents to protect their kids from the Pushers of the Trans Deception, and how to take their schools back from those who would seek to sexualize young children and influence troubled teens.
How is pornography being used, by the Pushers of the Trans Deception, to influence teen boys into the Trans Deception?

What influences are contributing to teen girls entering into the Trans Deception?

For an indepth look at the Agenda behind the Pushers of the Trans Deception:

The Predatory Agenda called the Trans Movement

Strategic Methods of Manipulation used by Pushers of the Trans Deception:
Using language to control the narrative.

Jon K. Uhler, LPC reveals what schools are hiding from parents, which is making it easier for predators to access and groom their children:

Jon K. Uhler's 4-pt interview on how predators grooming their "targets of opportunity.":

What is Grooming? (Pt. 1)
Insights from a Sex Offender Treatment Specialist.

What is Grooming? (Pt. 2)
Understanding the Minds, Motives, and Methods
of Sophisticated Sexual Predators.

What is Grooming? (Pt. 3)
Understanding the Strategic Planning of Sophisticated Predators.

What is Grooming? (Pt. 4)
Understanding the Red Flags.

Jon K. Uhler's full bio can be viewed here:


  1. Thanks for your very frank interview with Benjamin Boyce. I am a trans widow, authored and published a memoir, In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow (iuniverse 2022) and have a new youtube channel, Ute Heggen, as well as a blog,
    I hope we might interview. You can contact me at
    (I also write children's books under Lea Utsira) You are doing God's work. Ute

    1. I look forward to connecting. And, thanks for standing up for another group of people who are being harmed by the Trans Deception, the wives of deviant unfaithful men.

  2. Your blog stands out as a literary gem, skillfully merging insightful narratives with a personal flair. Each post embarks on a captivating expedition, harmoniously blending information with a distinct viewpoint. Your knack for sparking contemplation and fostering connection is truly praiseworthy. I eagerly await more enriching content that consistently resonates. Keep up the exceptional work your blog is a haven of unique perspectives and compelling storytelling.

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