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Sexual Deviants and Predators Have Played Women for Fools.

Reed Article How is one to make sense of the lack of will to stop the clearly purposeful systematic dismantling of women's sports? By our willingness to finally address the elephant in the middle of the room... before there is no room left for women. The reality of what is being played out before our very eyes is something that the pushers of the Trans Deception do not want good people recognizing. The reality of what this is all about is quite straightforward . Porn- fueled men have used the Trans Deception as the Ultimate Trojan Horse. Such men-in-women's underwear... who strategically became 50 Shades men, then became men-in-women's sports, dressing rooms ( with cell phone camera in hand and secretly at the ready to capture additional photos and footage, which will then be "touched up" and uploaded onto various pay-per-view porn sites ), washrooms, WiSpa, rape shelters, and in women's prisons... have now joined forces with the likes of Planned Parent

How is the normalization of pedophilia being accomplished, toward the end of decreasing criminal penalties?