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Is it possible for a Sociopath to have Multiple Personality Disorder or traits of Borderline Personality Disorder?

This is reprinted from my Quora site: The question was posed to me recently. My response was as follows: Yes, Sociopaths and Sophisticated Psychopaths can have traits that mirror legitimate mental health disorders (although, MPD has been changed to DID [ Dissociative Identity Disorder ]). However, in the case of Sociopaths and Sophisticated Psychopaths, those “traits” are simply contrived as a part of their strategic planning toward manipulating others. Thus, what you are likely witnessing is the manifestation of their Jekyll-and-Hyde ability, to “turn it on and off” as they deem strategically beneficial. Usually that takes the form of them showing the dark, controlling, and evil side to the person they are keeping “under their thumb”, while being able to “switch” to “Mr. Nice guy” if someone walks into the room, or once they step out into public. Many a kid has watched such skillful displays of a parent suddenly “change up” when

What can you do if someone dear to you is showing signs of being a psychopath?

The question was just posed to me on , so I thought I would share my response with those of you who follow this blog. If you are starting to see signs of psychopathy in someone you once considered “dear”, the reality is that you are simply now starting to see the truth… that they are someone who was different than you had allowed yourself to believe.  The likelihood is that you have either begun to implement effective boundaries with the selfish person, or your usefulness to him/her has run its course, and they are moving on to other more useful victims. The reality is psychopaths are masters of manipulation. As such, they fool people into believing that they are something very different… at least at first. The sophisticated “white collar psychopath” is the great pretender… a master of disguise… who will play the part as long as they are benefitting from using others.  But, once someone starts to awaken to the inequity of the “relationship,” to the “rules of engag