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Can you spot the one Sexual Predator most likely to access minors in the Trans Movement?

                                                                        Access Article Look at the ages of these predators. Yet, sadly, the most widely utilized sex offender risk assessment instrument which will lower their risk level on paper because of a flawed premise of sophisticated child predators, will likely be used pre-trial to determine the "level of risk they pose of re-offending," or will be used to determine what degree of treatment they need prior to them being eligible for Parole. Thus these men will likely be able to "make a deal" in a plea agreement, or will be able to get out of prison sooner than would otherwise have been the case. Doubt that? Then, how do you think they got out in the first place prior to maxing their sentences out? And, if cognitive-behavioral sex offender treatment treatment is what these men needed (for those inclined to suggest that such men be diverted to treatment instead of prison), how did they successfully pass treatmen

Misplaced Sympathies are NOT what Men Who've Become Predatory Need. They are NOT the Victims!

Image This story is tragic from beginning to end. But, to ensure we understand how best to help in such situations, we need truth, not misplaced sympathies. The title of the story, though hopefully well-intentioned, is not honest, as this is not about a man who killed himself due to a lack of self-acceptance of his so-called queer lifestyle or a society that wasn't accepting of a man's struggles to "find himself." Truth be told, my hunch is he elected to avoid what was likely going to unmasked about him and his online activities. And, I have no doubt that an intensive forensic audit of this man's computer and online activities, would yield a clear picture as to why he elected to kill himself when he did... before it was finally revealed. The article writes: "Austin recounts surviving sexual ab

Welcome to the Profile of the Sophisticated Child Predator

Image Having worked intensively in prison over the span of 11+ years with 1000s of perpetrators comprising the full range of sex offenders... having started the first intensive psychiatric treatment program in the US in a prison setting for men in long-term solitary confinement... having logged more clinical contact hours in solitary confinement than any other prison psychology in the US... having overseen treatment for one of the PA Dept. of Correction's High Intensity Sex Offender Treatment Units for SVPs (Sexually Violent Predators)... having been forensically Certified to produce clinical assessments of sexual predators for civil commitments by means of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist... and, having conducted hundreds of sex offender risk assessments and parole forensic psychological evaluations, what would this predator