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How could the Judge NOT have Understood the significance of this look?

How many such mugshots did I see over the 11+ years, while serving as a sex offender treatment provider on Psych staff within the PA Dept. of Corrections, with men who adopted such a look for the camera, while posing for their mugshots? Thousands of them! After you review enough of them, you begin to see a pattern emerge, a reliably consistent clinical and criminal profile emerges, between the kind of facial expression a man makes during his mugshot, the kind of crime he likely committed, his mental state at the time of booking, his psychological profile, and his overall criminal disposition and mindset. And, having reviewed hundreds of such criminal files in the course of my clinical work on prison psych staff, I have seen just such a look... the look Sam Brinto chose to give during his booking, after his arrest for stealing women's luggage, giving him direct access to their underwear... and, quite likely their identities and their contact information. What do you see when you lo