Nothing Good Happens When Older Men Dress in Drag to Sexually Groom & Exploit "Barely Legal" High School Students

A High School student killed an older man because the guy, dressed up as a women, tricked him, so the young man shot the male deceiver to death.... and, then some.  

Does this excuse murder? No, of course not. But, was this a case of a Trans dude... a guy who wore women's underwear, drag, and hid 100% of his identity... minding his own business, being selected, targeted, and gunned down because he was a cross-dressing guy, who was simply minding his own business? Was this a Transphobic hate crime, spurred on by a young man who was filed with hate for such different than him? Hardly. Yet, that's how this story is attempting to be spun by Trans Activists and their accomplices in the media, who push the deceptive slogan "Love is Love." 

What we have here is not an innocent Trans, but a sexual predator, 

who was in the process of grooming and manipulating the mind of a high school student... who he simply misjudged.  The sexual predator in drag thought this would be another easy target, easy to play with his mind and emotions. 

However, the barely legal young man being targeted for sexual grooming and exploitation, turned out to be a high school student with serious mental health issues.  This grooming and targeting of young people by such predatory grand-deceivers-in-drag is becoming an all-too-common an experience, given the public propaganda campaign foisted upon us by those who want to portray such crossdressing men who make an effort to access kids and teens as sensitive. This ruse has simply facilitated vulnerable youth being targeted by such highly sophisticated porn-saturated Predators,  

and, as is no doubt in this case, this young man was likely was a sexual abuse Survivor.  Such calculating predatory behavior shows the slogan of "love is love" is simply a ruse, as is the parsing of the definition of "consent." 

No, this is not a story of a sensitive cross dressing guy gunned down in cold blood. Hardly. This is the tragic story of a porn-saturated deviant sexual predator who had targeted a vulnerable young man for sexual manipulation and exploitation (likely online, then later arranging to meet), yet who failed to discern the mental health issues within this high school student. 

And, it is because of the myth of the "sensitive" nature of such porn-saturated men in drag (for, only men saturated in porn would think it reasonable to dress in drag and try to sexualize young people), that such vulnerable young people are ever-increasingly put at risk of being targeted by such predators, and public safety is being increasing compromised.

This story is in deed a tragedy, but not because it highlights societal bigotry and phobia. No, it is a story that shows how far deviant men are willing to go to "act out" what they have been viewing online behind closed doors. 

It shows how manipulative deviant porn-fueled men can be in their hunt for young flesh, men who involve themselves in "the game"... exploiting the vulnerable the naive, the trusting, and the unsuspecting, for their own deviant sexual gratification.  

Also, it illustrates just how dangerous such an adult lifestyle can really be, and how this story is so unusual, as rare is the time that an intended target of exploitation turns on the man who was seeking to sexually exploit them. 

Usually, such stories of murdered crossdressing men are the result of their activities and "associations",  which are then spun into a hate crime narrative. The reality is that the vast majority of deaths of cross dressing men are the result of the activities in which they involve themselves, as such "life styles" involve individuals who are not typically constrained by morals and ethics, and who don't take kindly to being deceived. And, it shows you how trying to deceive others about issues of sex and sexuality can create situations that are very dangerous.

Having worked as a Psychological Services Specialist within the Psychology Department of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections psych for 11+ years, 

and having started the nation's first intensive treatment program for mental health inmates within long-term Solitary Confinement, I dealt with many different kinds of men who killed someone with a gun. They are there, doing time for that action. 

However, in order to try help someone while they are in, and to recommend whether they be paroled when that time rolls around, gaining a sense of their inner world, their mental state, and their mindset is crucial.
Was this a case of a hate crime, a wanton killing of a perfectly innocent man-in-women's clothing who was leading a perfectly normal life, minding his own business... then, wham?!! Hardly. That is how this is being painted, and it is important to ensure that no one tries to gain political mileage over this kind of tragedy.

So, what do we have in this case? We have a 37 year old porn-influenced man (no man dresses in women's underwear and targets teens without being into porn, and lots of it), who convincingly dressed as a woman, being involved with a "barely legal" high school student until 5:30am. Which means we have a high school student who is not supervised while living at home, who does not come from the most ideal of situations, as he either snuck out without his parents' knowledge, or he simply had no curfew.

And, he brings the guy back to his home. Either the high school kid is stable enough and financially viable enough to have been emancipated, or he lives with his parent(s). Either way, we have a high school kid out all night, which doesn't speak of stability.

What else do we know? We have a man who is old enough to be this young man's father, picking up on the kid, who groomed him, lied to the high schooler... a young man who was clearly not emotionally all that healthy. 

How do we know? Look at how this turned out. If you've worked for any length of time with teens, you can spot the emotionally reactive, the impulsive, and the emotionally troubled one fairly quickly. And, so can sexual predators. 
And, Mr.Reyes-Hernandez knew how to spot a high school young man who was able to be manipulated. However, he simply hadn't worked with enough troubled teens to see the warning signs... until it was too late.
This high school student was not "Transphobic", "Homophobic," or phobic-phobic. In fact, he had no previous criminal history and was holding down a job are vital to understand, as he made it all the way through high school without being involved in any criminal or antisocial activities. 

The fact that murder was his first offense is almost unheard of... except in cases where an abuse Survivor gets triggered. He did not lie-in-wait like an assassin. He was troubled, and he reacted out of being triggered. 

Given the fact that he actually returned to shoot a dead body, this high school student was likely previously sexually abused by a man in his past, and the rage was triggered. He will serve time for it, but this was not cold-blooded, but hot reactivity by a high school student... toward a man who deceived him, and tried to sexually manipulate him. 

If this were a normal kid, he never would have returned to the scene of the crime, to shoot a dead body. And, he never would have come right out and confessed, while adding details.

This is indeed a tragedy. But, it is a double tragedy, as we then have two victims. One who was killed due to his life style, the other, a high schooler who was sexually manipulated by an older man... who then reacted violently as a result of being emotionally triggered. Sadly, Mr.Reyes-Hernandez (who was old enough to be the kid's father), dressed up as a woman, groomed and sexually manipulate an emotionally troubled high school student (very likely met him online, and arranged to meet), didn't realize that he picked a very troubled kid to try to sexually use... a teen who was quite likely an abuse Survivor.

So, there really are two victims here. And, that is the real tragedy of this story. As we now have a high school kid, who actually needed help for some deep problems, who should not have been out of his house all night (quite possible lured via online solicitation), who will now likely never get the help he needs, since prison is simply not built to facilitate meaningful psychological treatment, and he will very likely be targeted while in prison by predators... 

which will trigger him to react violently... landing him in Solitary. Once there, he will be triggered even more, accrue additional DC time (Disciplinary Custody Time), where he will then "dig himself a hole" in terms of length of time within Solitary... where he will be subjected to the dynamics of Solitary

where, given his psychological profile (highly emotionally reactive once triggered, possibly even with dissociative features), he will almost assuredly decompensate. But hopefully, he will have a psych staff who will care enough to interact with him on a regular basis, so that when he is released, back into society, he can make that adjustment. 

This is a tragedy that simply never should have happened. If this older deviant man (who was so steeped in porn so as to feel no shame), had not tried to sexually manipulate a high school student, but had instead focused on men his own age, this young man's future would likely have been much different. And, at least for the time being,  Mr.Reyes-Hernandez would still be alive (though the "personal associations" and activities of such porn-fueled deviant men often involve unwise decision and dangerous lifestyle choices). 

Are there some practical things we, as a society, can do to try to decrease a repeat of this kind of tragedy? Yes. We can encourage school districts to pay for expert training on how to spot and help at-risk youth and teens, before they fall victim to sexual predators. 

We can get serious about holding internet providers criminally liable for lax screening practices when it comes to ferreting out the kind of deviant porn (which inevitably includes child porn) in these kinds of cases, where older men seek out young unsuspecting victims. 

Also, we can ask our elected official to pass serious criminal legislation, significantly increasing the penalties for those who would target any high school teen for sexual purposes, or those who are found in possession of child porn.  Those steps would have likely gone a long way toward preventing this type of tragedy.

For an intensive look at how predators are using the Trans Movement to groom minors, watch this eye-opening 3-part interview between Jon K. Uhler, LPC, and Alix Aharon, of the Gender Mapping Project:  


  1. Mskes sense. Thank you Jon - this is insightful and a real tragedy.

    1. It was heart-wrenching to to see kind of young people behind bars, as you know they wouldn't have been there if they hadn't been set-up like that.

    2. God Bless you. I couldn't work around such awfulness day after day .
      I would need to wash my brain .

  2. Well, I remember in the early 90s seeing a documentary on HBO called "Paris is Burning" about gay, drag queens throwing big balls in Harlem in the late 80s. One of the more effeminate looking ones was interviewed laying on a bed talking about how he basically goes around looking for a straight husband. In the epilogue we find out he had been found dead in an ally. Turns out going around the Bronx trying to trick a bunch of black guys and latinos into the sack wasn't such a smart idea after all.

    Unfortunately with all these mentally troubled girls taking part in this ROGD fad we are seeing a cold, hard Darwinian culling from the gene pool of a whole subset of personality types from an entire generation. The survivors will be the homecoming queen and high school football captain types the left so hates who go on to be the parents of the entire next generation and hopefully these weirdos go away the way the "Shakers" who forced total celibacy on their members vanished in the 19th century due to lack of reproduction. Mankind is not descended from those cavemen who saw a bear and their first instinct was to go up and pet it, nor will the people from the year 3000 be descended from those who thought it was a good idea to chop off their junk.


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