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The Level of Deception of the Trans Pushers Knows No Bounds.

  Look at the smug smirk on the face of this master deceiver, who was happy to stoop so low so as to masquerade as a client in emotional pain (which is quit despicable, as it shows you how little grasp he cares to have for the pain of genuine people in pain) to go to extraordinary lengths to target and entrap a therapist in a double-bind, since therapist are supposed to take the client at their word in terms of their own stated goals. Who does that kind of thing? Were any genuine clients, who truly needed to get in to see a therapist that day because of real trauma, unable to find the help they needed at that time, because of this grand deceiver's Agenda-driven stunt? How sick is that? But, such real concerns likely never entered his mind, as deceivers at his level of tactical planning have little conscience, empathy, or remorse. And, that no doubt is why he can sit brazenly in front of the camera without compunction... and smile, feeling so proud of himself and his ability to bra