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Nothing Good Happens When Older Men Dress in Drag to Sexually Groom & Exploit "Barely Legal" High School Students

Read Article A High School student killed an older man because the guy, dressed up as a women, tricked him, so the young man shot the male deceiver to death.... and, then some.   Does this excuse murder? No, of course not. But, was this a case of a Trans dude... a guy who wore women's underwear, drag, and hid 100% of his identity... minding his own business, being selected, targeted, and gunned down because he was a cross-dressing guy, who was simply minding his own business? Was this a Transphobic hate crime, spurred on by a young man who was filed with hate for such different than him? Hardly. Yet, that's how this story is attempting to be spun by Trans Activists and their accomplices in the media, who push the deceptive slogan "Love is Love."  What we have here is not an innocent Trans, but a sexual predator,  who was in the process of grooming and manipulating the mind of a high school student... who he simply misjudged.  The sexual predator in drag tho

The Trans Pushers Have Declared, "It's Game On!"

Read Blog Post Jk Rowling has been thrust into the spot light, as she had the temerity to declare that men can't be women. Yep, that is what created the fire storm.  It has resulted in her being bombarded with threats and moves designed to inflict economic punishment upon her. Why? Because she has dared to unmask the Trans ruse for what it is... a grand deception, based upon a man-made psychological lie, strategically pushed by men... who dress in women's underwear.  However, this is about much more than men who have their undies in bunch.  What we are actually witnessing is that a strategic switch has been flipped... and, the door of the Trojan Horse has sprung open... and the deception long-planned by porn-fueled men who will not be denied hands-on access to children is now underway. They embedded themselves in the women’s movement (under the guise of being sensitive men in need of protection and support), simply to allow women to assert there was no distinction be

aJennda 0016 Part1 of 2 "Virtuous" Pedophiles, the "Toronto Cabal," and ...