The "Art of the Spin" of the Sophisticated Manipulator

Whether embedded in politics, in the ministry, in education, in the management/ownership of legal brothels, in Furries, in Drag, within the Trans Movement, within Hollywood, or within prison, sophisticated Predators understand the art of the spin, thus are inevitably all too predictable when it comes to “damage control”.  Rare is the time they are not “on their game.” But, in such a rare instance of them being unmasked, of being busted for the calculating manipulator that they truly are, they will use a number of time-tested methods of manipulation, to ensure they still come out relatively unscathed.

Should the profound manipulator ever find him/herself busted, you will see the art of the spin once again on display. Instead of being who they truly are... a self-confident, calculating, undeterred, goal-driven, calculating, master of manipulation… they will suddenly portray themselves as the exact opposite, as they can “turn on a dime.” By suddenly portraying himself as a frail human being (which is the exact opposite of the truth), the manipulator knows he can continue to control the narrative. At first, he will adopt the victim stance. But, should it become apparent that such a posture isn’t going to serve him well, he will then adopt the human error and/or weakness posture, as he knows it  is the ultimate way to disarm those who would seek to hold him accountable, who would treat him as responsible. They know how to quickly pull whatever card they need to play in order to ensure that they can continue controlling the game. They know the powerful disarming effect the “confused and memory-challenged” card can have, or the mileage they can gain from playing the  "I couldn't help myself, as the stress got to me" card, as they know that people will be inclined to back-off.
Simply put, profound sociopaths and white collar psychopaths are always calculating and strategizing (they are the ultimate pragmatists and actors, have no sense of shame as they have no conscience), and are always "working it" to ensure that their "brand" is viewed in the most favorable light. And, most importantly, they will always determine what is in their best interest, and what will enable them to avoid accountability while still moving the ball in the desired direction. Just how artful and adept is the sophisticated white collar psychopath? Consider the kind of tactical brilliance it takes, to step in front reporters, cameras, depositions, and in front of millions of people, change your story as facts are clearly painting a progressively undeniable picture of your guilt... each time make it appear that you are sincere and believable. The following show the artful dance of the sophisticated predator, as he spins a different narrative as the truth closes in on him:

Adamant Denial with a tone of Righteous Indignation 

Professional-grade manipulators know the power of "The Big Lie", to cause people to second guess themselves and back off by such a brazen assertion.

Emphatics Assertion & Doubling-down on the Denial
When the first and most widely used method of manipulation starts to lose it's ability to stop people from asking hard questions, the next predictable mode will be to become even more "believable", by looking a person straight in the eye, lie like a polished Hollywood actor, with an even more direct effort to cause people to second-guess themselves,  to doubt their own intuition and the mounting evidence.

Present As Calm and Self-assured
Where as most people would start to show sighs of breaking down under increased scrutiny, the Sophisticated Predator knows the power of appearing calm and unnerved in the face of mounting evidence, as most people will begin to second guess themselves in the face of such "inner strength." He is able to present as calm, as he knows how many more strategic plays he can use to draw things out, and play people for fools. He understands the power of delay... as most people will get emotionally exhausted from trying to pry even the smallest of admissions out of the perpetrator's mouth. 

"To the Best of My Recollection"
A classic, time-tested, method of obfuscation, which continues to play upon most people's willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt. The Perpetrator can now begin to make it appear that his actions were not intentional and calculating at the time.

Whiplash Tactic
A false admission of guilt, stated in such a way so as to leave others second-guessing themselves regarding all the other refusals to accept responsibility... even lying under oath. This enables the manipulator to make it appear he has not only accepted full responsibility, but then shifts the narrative to where it is he who is now being victimized by such relentless pursuit of a man who has "already apologized".

"Flipping the Script" by Making Yourself out to be the Real Victim... Who Has Suffered Greatly as a Result of Others' Lack of Inability to simply "Move On."

Should the professional-grade manipulator find that their "art of the spin" is no longer sufficient to control the narrative of their innocence, their naivety, or their attempt at telling people that they "accept full responsibility"... without accepting any of the consequences that should go with such an acknowledgement (such as lying in a deposition)... they will artfully make themselves out to be the true victim, who has suffered far more than anyone else (code for the actual victim). You will see a master at work in this clip, as he threads the needle to skirt responsibility, still distort reality re. his responsibility, while claiming he has accepted full responsibility. And, a non-apology is spun to become an apology that others simply refuse to accept... which is another way of saying that "others" have the issue for still hanging on to such an old issue. 

Present as a Fallible Human, Having Succumbed to Stress, and/or Emotional Pressure 
In the rare instance when the sociopath or white collar psychopath can't control the narrative any longer, and can't "flip the script", they will pull the ultimate trick card out from their sleeve... that of portraying themselves as a flawed and imperfect human being, who either succumbed to temptation (he will frame it as a "mistake," a lapse in judgement," a moment of weakness, etc.), or succumbed to the stress of the situation. They count on people forgetting that this type of chess master actually thrives off "the game", derives increasing satisfaction from the increasing challenge, and is not phased by stress, as they don't need to worry about accepting the consequences of their actions... or, at least, that's what they count on, as that's the way of "the chess master."

Given the information coming to light, and the criminal investigations underway regarding the sex trafficking and exploitation by Jeffry Epstein, and considering how many times Bill Clinton made trip to Epstein Island, could there be more to the timing of this “acknowledgement of human frailty” than meets the eye? 

Couldn’t be that we will next hear about his “lapse in judgement” when it came to him repeatedly sexually using and exploiting underaged girls being held as sex slaves?

The following link will direct you to, to help you learn more about the minds, motives, and methods of the sophisticated manipulators.


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