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What are the best ways to get rid of dysphoria without transitioning?

I recently responded to the following question:  I’m struggling with dysphoria at the moment and would  really  appreciate any suggestions you have As a therapist here is what I would suggest: 1. Begin looking at when the symptoms arose, and spend some time journaling about it. Some of the key reasons for Dysphoria are dissociation from past sexual abuse. That doesn't have to be the case, but it is often times a root cause, as the abuse creates inner dynamics which cause one to distance from the source of the pain. Other symptoms of abuse are self-injurious behavior(s), eating disorders, anxiety, depression, symptoms of Bipolar, Borderline Personality features, panic attacks, and loss/gaps in time/memory, a sense of foreboding, muscle tension, IBS, hyper vigilance ( always feeling on guard or having to be on point), compulsion, addictions, propensity toward second guessing yourself, and hearing voices on the inside (which is different than hearing them from the outside, su

We Must Awaken to the Trans Activists' "Art of War"

The ferocity and legions that are unleashed against those who would dare speak truth, and unmask the real Agenda of the Trans Activists for who they, is stunning. Just as we witnessed with the ferocity of their attack against JK Rowling for her temerity to assert that men aren't women,  we are seeing an amazing degree of ruthlessness by those intent upon using the grand man-made psychological ruse to their own advantage. They intend to silence or eradicate anyone who might expose their Agenda, and thwart their access to kids. This was once again brought to the nation's attention in  the following story about a Christian Ministry who fell victim to the ruthless tactics used by Trans Activists. Read Article They will stop at nothing, will use Nazi tactics, will do anything to silence anyone who dares to reveal their dark, deceptive, and nefarious Agenda... which ultimately is gaining unfettered access to vulnerable women and children in private spaces.