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Pimps and Pushers are Strategically Targeting Vulnerable Gender-Confused Teens

Transgender beauty contestant I couldn't be any more thankful to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for their leadership in the area of protecting women and children from those who would seek to exploit them. Their recent post is such an important one, as it addresses the need to prevent the exploitation and trafficking of young people and vulnerable women.     Read Article Such information is vital to understand, as sexual predators, especially the Trans Pushers, will lure emotionally hurting and vulnerable teens into exploitation and trafficking via the strategic methods of grooming, as can be found in SOGI ( Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ) Sex Ed. Then, partnering with Planned Parenthood (the ultimate "Don't ask/Don't tell cover-up organization for a profit), such "targets of opportunity" are sexually manipulated into the customer-for-life medical and pharmaceutical sterilization and sex change fast-track program, as they become immersed