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Why Are Red Flags Clearly Being Overlooked By Professionals... Thus, Leaving Young Gender-Confused Adults With Lifelong Scars?

As a licensed Professional Counselor  of nearly 30 years experience, who worked extensively with Survivors of sexual abuse and troubled teens in residential treatment (labeled Severely Emotionally Disturbed), and sexual predators, what is my concern with the Trans Movement?     Simply that it is a  massive lie, a contrived and fraudulent agenda-driven Movement, an incredibly nefarious deception... being pushed by nefarious “special interests” (namely select greedy doctors , biomedical companies , big pharma ,  select drug makers ,  social engineers , and  Sexual Predators), which is predicated upon a man-made psychological myth... being strategically marketed by means of the techniques borrowed by some of the most sophisticated of cults (such as Scientology and NXIVM)... being promoted via the deception of “gender fluidity,” which is  preying upon confused and vulnerable kids... leaving them physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred. That is why I assert