Pimps and Pushers are Strategically Targeting Vulnerable Gender-Confused Teens

I couldn't be any more thankful to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for their leadership in the area of protecting women and children from those who would seek to exploit them. Their recent post is such an important one, as it addresses the need to prevent the exploitation and trafficking of young people and vulnerable women.

Such information is vital to understand, as sexual predators, especially the Trans Pushers, will lure emotionally hurting and vulnerable teens into exploitation and trafficking via the strategic methods of grooming, as can be found in SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Sex Ed. Then, partnering with Planned Parenthood (the ultimate "Don't ask/Don't tell cover-up organization for a profit), such "targets of opportunity" are sexually manipulated into the customer-for-life medical and pharmaceutical sterilization and sex change fast-track program, as they become immersed into the grip of the trans cult.

NCOSE is playing an important role in helping to protect such vulnerable young people by their outreach efforts via their various media and social media platforms. They are an amazing asset, given that, should the average person dare to risk unmasking this grand scheme, Twitter and other popular social media sites will ban their lone voice within days, as such social media giants will ensure the dirty little secret, plan, and scheme behind the Trans Deception never reaches the general public.

The Trans Deception has been used as an extremely adept predator protection program, with the best of targeted recruitment and retention target marketing, luring vulnerable youth into the "Community." Financial and sexual predators are laughing all the way to the bank… as they never dreamed that their man-made psychological scheme would have worked so well. Thus, efforts like, NCOSE's are vital toward educating the general public and lawmakers to ways we can better protect women and children from predators who would seek to exploit the most vulnerable among us.

With respect to the strategic value of the Trans Deception, what have been the results toward exploiting the most vulnerable of populations? Financial success beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Unethical medical doctors and surgeons, big pharma, PornHub, Only Fans, Tumblr, media companies, TV personalities (such as RuPaul), Planned Parenthood, and other such entities and organizations have helped to create a multi-trillion dollar industry... all, while paving the way for the Predators in the Trojan Horse, as they make their way right into the private spaces of women and kids.

In addition to the financial exploitation of the most vulnerable via the Trans Deception, this grand ruse is empowering and protecting deviant men... men who access hours of porn... then enjoy dressing in women's underwear and drag in order to strategically gain direct and unfettered access to the private spaces and private parts of women and kids... men who've eagerly feasted on progressively deviant porn over years, which have descended through predictable stages of deviance... men who've developed a lust to defile innocence… and is ensuring “doors of opportunity” are being thrown wide open for such deviant men... who are now free to enter women's "private spaces"… with cell phone camera in hand. Such devient men can now brazenly walk right into WiSpa's women's changing rooms, access women's locker rooms and showers (you didn't really think they cared about swimming on the girls’ team did you?), rape shelters, and women's prisons… all without fear of arrest for what once would have required them to wear a trench coat or climb a tree to get such a view inside a woman’s bedroom. The men I counsel in sex offender treatment groups know what this is about, and are amazed that the public hasn’t yet figured it out.

The Trans Deception, and the marketing term, "Gender Identity," is the greatest scam ever manufactured, and has been brilliantly crafted, and is being used to target traumatized and manipulated young people with serious mental health issues (the majority of whom have been sexually abused, are on the autism spectrum, or have come out of the foster care system), toward the end of the manipulation and exploitation of vulnerable and naïve young people.

And, this grand scheme has resulted in creating a situation in society that has placed women and children at increased risk. And, that is why we must endeavor to learn all we can about how such men would seek to target and exploit vulnerable women and minors.

And, sadly, the warning has come true. The same deviant young man in drag, who is featured above, has been unmasked as being even much a predator than was predicted, when this post was originally published in Feb. 2022.
This same 2x winner of this beautify pageant was arrested in July, 2022. As revealed by the story featured in Reduxx, "According to La Meuse, Rivasplata would solicit vulnerable trans-identified young people from Peru, offering them a better life in Belgium. While the exact ages of the victims is unknown, Rivasplata’s father would collect fees from them in Peru prior to their departure to Belgium. Once they arrived, Rivasplata would strip them of their passports and tell them their debt could only be paid through prostitution. The victims were also threatened that their families back in Peru would be harmed if they did not comply."

In the following compelling interview, CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Patrick Trueman, and Jon K. Uhler, LPC, discuss ways in which predators are targeting college campuses for their recruitment efforts.

An Interview with Patrick Trueman, CEO, 

of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE):

Do Sexual Predators Target Colleges which teach Kink & 50 Shades?

For more information on the dangers and deception of the Trans Movement, watch Jon K. Uhler, LPC's compelling interview with Alix Aharon, of the Gender Mapping Project.
The Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine

Jon K. Uhler, LPC is Director & Founder of SurvivorSupport.net, and host of the LIVE weekly counseling program, Journey to Healing, broadcast on TECNTV.com, Friday nights, 8-9pm EST in the US.


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