The Time-tested Cult-like Tactics used by Those Pushing the Trans Deception

The tactics used by those pushing the grand psychological ruse which is the foundation of the Trans Deception are borrowed from the best of car sales and the recruitment and retention methods employed by the most sophisticated of cults, such as was seen in the sex cult NXIVM and currently employed within Scientology.
What are the tactics of the sophisticated cultic group or Movement?

1. Generate a sense of dissatisfaction,
2. Capitalize upon emotional felt needs,

3. Override their intuition so they can't discern or test reality,

4. Get them to take a step toward the point of decision, 

5. Lead them quickly to the sales office with "the closing specialist" without the opportunity to think about it on their own (never let them alone or allow them to confer with level-headed or knowledgable people),
6. Get them to sign on the dotted line,
7. tell them what a good decision they've made, then
8. Surround them with others who will then tell each other what a good decision they've made (the echo chamber), 

9. Ensure the deal doesn't unravel or unwind by keeping those pesky "outsiders" away from the new "Community Members" by crying "Bigot", keeping outside information away from them by yelling "Conversion therapy" at those who would suggest that the Member be allowed to consider alternative information which might enable them to make a fully informed decision in order to truly ensure he/she is consenting, rather than being unduly influenced or manipulated.

10. If the Member starts to have second thoughts or "buyer's remorse," get the Members who form a brigade, or act like a swarm from the hive, to cause them to forget their silly idea of thinking for themselves and about what is in their long-term best interest. 
If that doesn't work, then the killers bees will swarm to shame the Member for having independent thoughts, and the swarm will look for who might dare to "unduly influence" or try to "convert" their Member away from the new true "family"... which, once they identify the person threatening the Community's symbiosis, they will go swarm with ferocity, using loaded catch phrases, and going into scorched-earth mode, by seeking to destroy the intruders reputation and social media presence. The last thing they can afford id for truth to be revealed by a former "insider," which is why they will attack and "cancel" that person so ferociously. 
But, people are awakening, and bravely leaving... and sharing the truth. And, some are also disclosing what happens behind the colorful fun facades of some of the key grooming strategies, such as with Furries... one of the fastest growing "Communities" aimed at attracting young people. Take note of what you will hear, as this unmasks both the Furries, but the who also lie-in-wait within the Trans Movement.
11. If the hive can't produce the desired results, then the hive masters... the cult leaders... the special interests... the shot callers... will get involved, to strategically plan how best to cancel the livelihood, employment, licensure, etc.... anything to cancel out the intruder.


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