What are the best ways to get rid of dysphoria without transitioning?

I recently responded to the following question: I’m struggling with dysphoria at the moment and would really appreciate any suggestions you have

As a therapist here is what I would suggest:

1. Begin looking at when the symptoms arose, and spend some time journaling about it. Some of the key reasons for Dysphoria are dissociation from past sexual abuse. That doesn't have to be the case, but it is often times a root cause, as the abuse creates inner dynamics which cause one to distance from the source of the pain. Other symptoms of abuse are self-injurious behavior(s), eating disorders, anxiety, depression, symptoms of Bipolar, Borderline Personality features, panic attacks, and loss/gaps in time/memory, a sense of foreboding, muscle tension, IBS, hyper vigilance ( always feeling on guard or having to be on point), compulsion, addictions, propensity toward second guessing yourself, and hearing voices on the inside (which is different than hearing them from the outside, such as being broadcast from the TV). I have put together 
www.SurvivorSupport.net for Survivors to make progress with their healing, so that might prove beneficial. My concern is that the red flags of abuse are being missed by professionals, so I wrote a blog piece to help shed light on what is happening within the Trans Movement.

2. I would not watch anything that involves porn, as that can create all sorts of inner problems.

3. I would stop interacting online. It is easy to fall into the trap of having social media become your world and "Community." My guess is your life has revolved around more than hour or two of social media per week, so I would recommend "unplugging" from social media. It is simply too easy to find yourself inundated with people who have an agenda of encouraging Transitioning, so that can pull you into bad places. Remember, the Trans Movement never really existed prior to 2005, so it is a contrived Movement, leaving vulnerable young people confused, and moves them toward sex change, amputation of body parts, and sterilization. None of that is beneficial, so I would strongly recommend staying away from all of that, as it can end up influencing you like a cult. In fact, I wrote a blog piece about the dynamics of the Trans Cult, which would likely help you to see what is happening within that "Community."

4. I would begin to focus on ensuring you are eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising on a regular basis.

5. I would begin watching some good self-help videos . There are some time-tested and reliable folks that can help motivate you, and Dennis Waitley is one of them. Also, John Maxwell is another. Dennis Waitley can be found here.

6. I would start accessing information on what constitutes healthy relationships and healthy boundaries.Dr. Henry Cloud and John Townsend do a nice job discussing those dynamics.

7. Listening to intellectually stimulating material is another helpful thing. I would recommend Prager University, as they have a ton of brilliant and gifted people discussing a wide array of important topics.

8. I would begin to look into material to help you with spiritual growth. I had listed out some steps on SurvivorSupport.net

9. Look for ways to start helping those less fortunate. Though it might be a bit of a challenge with the COVID-19 shutdown, it still can be done. There are plenty of older folks in rest homes who have no one to write to them, so you could call the local rest home, and ask if there would be anyone who needs a penpal.

10. Spend some time getting to know your own personality and temperament. I recommend the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. It is fun to take, and can give you a sense of what you were designed to do in terms of career options.

11. Begin a hobby. We have lost the ability to do recreation properly, especially the kind that enables us to slow down and be calm. A good hobby can tap into your natural interest and creativity.

12.Lastly, I would risk that, should you give yourself enough time, you will find your self-esteem starts to improve, and you will begin to understand why you were placed upon this earth (your purpose). Once you begin to get a sense of your purpose, your dysphoria will fade away before you know it.

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