We Must Awaken to the Trans Activists' "Art of War"

The ferocity and legions that are unleashed against those who would dare speak truth, and unmask the real Agenda of the Trans Activists for who they, is stunning. Just as we witnessed with the ferocity of their attack against JK Rowling for her temerity to assert that men aren't women, 

we are seeing an amazing degree of ruthlessness by those intent upon using the grand man-made psychological ruse to their own advantage. They intend to silence or eradicate anyone who might expose their Agenda, and thwart their access to kids.
This was once again brought to the nation's attention in the following story about a Christian Ministry who fell victim to the ruthless tactics used by Trans Activists.
They will stop at nothing, will use Nazi tactics, will do anything to silence anyone who dares to reveal their dark, deceptive, and nefarious Agenda... which ultimately is gaining unfettered access to vulnerable women and children in private spaces.
 Additionally, should any legitimate professional attempt to work with gender-confused young people and Survivors toward genuine healing, (thus decreasing the young person's susceptibility to being groomed and recruited into the Trans Cult, the Trans Activists and Predator Apologists will unleash their weapons upon them, to silence them, to bring them to their knees in capitulation, or wipe them out completely.
For the leaders, special interests, and Activists within the Trans Movement, they employ the most strategic of tactics adopted from the Art of War, and tactics from the Nazi playbook. 
They have their "brigades," 

They have adopted their most strategic tactics of the Nazi wolf packs,

They've learned the best of spin from the SS masterminds of psychological warfare and propaganda,

They employ blitzkrieg-like methods,
They have doctors who will perform medical "treatments" on perfectly healthy teen and young adult bodies...

which ultimately lead to sterilization treatments ("the final solutions" for those who they secretly view as the simple-minded and psychologically unsound).
They understand how to generate unreasoning loyalty among an entire weaponized army of young people.

They are able to select the elite of those within the Movement who can be unleashed to serve as ruthless intimidators, agitators, and character assassins.

Why are the Trans Activists and other Predator Apologists so intense about ensuring that those who would dare stand against them or attempt to unmask them are silenced? Because they must ensure that their grand deception remains out of the general public's awareness, as they know that, if unmasked, the public would arise and stop them.  They know that if it was revealed how they capture the minds of abuse victims, and manipulate the vulnerable through cult-like tactics (borrowed from the best cults such as the NXIVM sex cult and Scientology), their nefarious ruse would come to an end. 

Little does the general public realize that these predators know how to twist the minds of the vulnerable... who become what amounts to cult members...  who freely accept pain as love,
who believe bondage is freedom, 
and who are willing to believe that predatory deviance is intimacy.
These Predators... these grand deceivers... know how to use those who've fallen under their cult-like grip to eagerly do their bidding, even to the point of sacrificing their freedom, their bodies, the psychological health, and their future career options, relationships, and families.

Welcome to the grand scheme: Camouflage predatory grooming activities, normalize the most aberrant & deviant of sexual behaviors (not to mention those which are currently illegal), and add the 'P' (Pedophile) to the alphabet list of sexual orientations (inevitably couched in emotionally acceptable terms, such as the man-made deception called MAPs ["Minor Attracted Persons])...

It is the ultimate "get out of jail free card," and ensures they can go on the attack via civil rights legislation, law suits, ending employment, removing professional counseling licenses,
who have the financial and legal resources, political pull, to influence corporate decision making, who have a track record of removing college professors, banning radio talk show hosts, boycotting companies, and ultimately ensuring they can bring anyone and everyone to their knees that might not "get with the program.". 
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Why are they so hell-bent in ensuring they are not stopped? What is it they are after? And, what is it they are working so strategically to ensure the public doesn't uncover? What is their ultimate strategy and means of grooming, which they will protect at all cost... ensuring this key method of grooming moves ahead unimpeded? It is the lie of "Gender Fluidity," the lie that a young person can be born in the wrong body. And, how are those lies most effectively presented to kids and teens? 
Through school Comprehensive Sex Education and "related" activities.

That is why they will ensure their efforts remain below the radar. What is contained in such material being presented to elementary aged school children? Not only are BDSM-related topics introduced and discussed, but the following "resources" are all found within the student workbook of a 6th grade Comprehensive Sex Education class.
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These are the chess masters, and they will ensure that the ultimate objective is achieved, 
and they will not be denied their ultimate prize... unfettered access to children, anywhere, anytime, without fear of prosecution.
What will be their ultimate means of avoiding prosecution? Add the 'P' (Pedophile) to the alphabet list of sexual orientations... usually couched in emotionally acceptable terms, such as the man-made deception called MAPs ("Minor Attracted Persons).  They will continue their campaign, and will ensure that nothing prevents them from obtaining their ultimate objective.


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