Can you tell which of these men are "coming for your children"?

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What normal adult would spend the kind of time it would have required to put this video production together... and write such lyrics?

Why did they remove the video after word got out? Couldn't be that their brazen plan to pridefully "put it right out there" for all the world to see backfired a tad bit?

Couldn't be that pride has a way of blinding a man to reality, and extended porn use has a way of changing the brain... which prevented them from understanding that decent parents do not take kindly to not-so-veiled threats, issued by smug men, about their goal of undermining their relationship with their kids, and corrupting their morals?

Couldn't be that they have become so full of themselves... because of their ability to successfully manipulate politicians and force their agenda upon the general public by force via legislation and public policy... that they've become blinded by their pride... unable to apprehend how the vast majority of normal and decent people feel about the kind of men who saturate their minds in porn behind closed doors, who then seek to "convert" (groom and recruit) other peoples' kids?

Couldn't be that their desire to play good people for fools caused them to underestimate how the general public still feels about porn-fueled deviant men singing about their plans to corrupt the morals of minors?

Couldn't be they became so full of themselves that they made a strategic blunder, a miscalculation in their latest chess move... by finally revealing their true intent... by taking the unprecedented step of revealing the truth about who they are, and what their end-game has been all along?

Couldn't be they will now go into full blown damage control mode, by attempting to spin their brazen, bold, and clearly unmistakable message as simply "tongue in cheek," while scouring the internet to make sure that all copies of their production simply vanish without a trace?

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Couldn't be we are now going to see them use the time-tested predator's attempt at damage control, by artfully and adeptly flipping the script saying, "Oh, come on, man! How could you even think such a thing like that?! I know what it looks like, but it's really not that"? Maybe they learned from the best of political tacticians... and took a page from the same playbook as other professional-grade manipulators, who can look straight into the camera, and lie boldly without compunction.

Couldn't be they will use the classic predator's line to taunt and mock their adversaries... to make them think that only phobic people would think this video actually means what it says? "
After all," they will say...
"Wow... Lighten up! Why so serious? Don't take such things so seriously. Haven't you ever heard of tongue-in-cheek humor, or was that lost on you? Can't you tell we were just having a little fun... pointing out your bigoted little minds?"

So, a question to the men is this video... especially the ones who were accessing porn which show minors being gang raped by "sensitive men" the night before:

If this video is not what it sounds like... as you no doubt will assert... then why backtrack?

Why hide what you were so proud of in the first place? It is almost as though you revealed your true colors... almost like you dropped the pretense, and finally showed us who you were, and what your goal has been all along. After all, this would have taken countless hours to produce. Why suddenly hide such "pride" now that people taking note? After all, you seemed to enjoy playing a key role in this video, seemed so empowered in this video... especially as you told parents:


To anyone else, I would ask the following questions...

Can you spot which of the men in the featured video have worked methodically and strategically to push the false narrative against therapists who take seriously their mandate to report suspected child sexual abuse and who believe in helping young clients with their own values clarification and set as a goal for minors the idea of self-acceptance (which forms the basis of all healthy self-esteem), by concocting the notion of "Conversion Therapy"? These would be the same kind of men who are now "flipping the script," by saying they intend to "Convert your children."

Can you spot which of the men in this choir has been using a VPN to access the most deviant of porn the night prior, including BDSN, bestiality, and child porn?

Can you spot which man in the featured video regularly hides 100% of his identity online, to troll for unsuspecting teens to whom he can start introducing the most deviant of concepts, and rebranding such activities as "Pansexual"?

Can you spot which one of the men singing in this featured video, currently teach SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Sex Ed to kids in elementary schools?

Can you tell which of the men in the featured video would say,

"Love Knows No Age",
"Love Knows No Limits,"
"Love Knows No Bounds"?

Can you tell which of the men in the video are laughing at the fact you likely don't know what they mean by the lyrics, they are "coming for your children"

Can you tell which of the smiling men in the music video are the ones pushing the false narrative of MPAs (Minor Attracted Persons) and the myth of the "Non-offending or Virtuous Pedophile"?

Can you tell which of the men in this featured video long to "share" a minor's first anal sexual "encounter" (aka: Deviant Sexual Intercourse and the Corruption of Minors, which would given that adult 2-5 years behind bars, and require the perpetrator to do sex offender treatment)?

Can you guess how many of the men, featured in this choir's video, have been regularly accessing "barely legal" porn?

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Can you tell which of the men in the choir have likely been grooming a child online for the past few years, until the child reached the age of 14... where he arranged to meet the 14 year old for a special birthday surprise, which entails performing oral and annal sex on them, in order to help them know they truly are gay, and have a new "Community" with others who long to embrace them too?

Can you identify
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which of the men in the featured choir video, most closely fit the profile of the men who specifically apply to either attend or assume faculty positions at colleges and universities which hold "SexWeek" activities, as those institutions have become blinded to the methods most often employed by sexual predators... thus putting their students at risk of sexual assault? Hint... it will be the ones who defend "Kink" and BDSM as simply harmless and "usually safe."

In fact, such men will often take gender-confused foster kids to specially selected like-minded "Gender Therapists" or "Sex Therapists," who will support the following content being taught to a minor, either in therapy or in elementary school, under the guise of SOGI Sex Ed...
which is all that a sophisticated sexual predator needs for grooming his next victim: "As part of triple j's What's Up In Your World Survey this year, we asked you a whole bunch of questions around porn. When asked what type of porn she preferred, Sarah, from Rockhampton, answered rape fantasy porn.

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"The stuff I tend to watch is very male-dominant, has a helpless female aspect, choking, strangers being pushed up against walls, being hit, girls being taken advantage of," Sarah said.

"The ideal porno for me would be a stranger, someone older and bigger, terrifying the girl, having his way with her."

This particular porn may not be your thing, or maybe it is. Regardless, experts say whatever your kink, there's nothing to be ashamed of...

Faye's porn preference is "taboo porn", like step sibling and step parents.

"Taboo porn has a range of descriptions, often seen as porn that is forbidden or extremely different from the norm," Faye said. 

"When it comes to both kinds of porn, I enjoy the frenzy of it all. It's fast, seems to be heat of the moment sex, showing raw uncontrollable energy when having sex; the sexual behaviour is almost animalistic, throwing caution to the wind and norms."

Can you tell which of the men in this choir have been filming the minors they have been sodomizing in BDSM gear, then uploading onto the Dark Web via VPNs?

Would any of the men, signing boldly in the featured video, want you to know that 100% of child sexual predators are busted for possession of child porn, and 98% are also charged with the distribution of it? Hardly! That has been the "dirty little secret" revealed in sex offender treatment, that few of them want the general public discovering. Why? Because then all sympathies for them evaporate, and they become exposed as who they truly are... porn-saturated men who have progressed through very predictable stages of deviance, who secretly long to defile the innocence of minors.

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Can you spot which of the men, smiling so brightly in the featured video, have mastered the art of impression management, which teaches them to always smile convincingly, look as though they wouldn't hurt a fly, and leave the audience second-guessing themselves, as normal people have a conscience, thus can only look innocent when they truly are anything but innocent?

Can you spot which of the men, singing in this featured video, hope you never do a simple internet search under: Choir Director Arrested for Child Porn.

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Can you spot which of the smiling men in the choir "copped a plea," rather than face a jury... since he knew the evidence found on his electronics was too overwhelming, and therefore he would likely spend years in prison for the possession and distribution of child rape porn, and inevitably including lewd and and lascivious act, and the corruption of minors.

Can you spot which of the men in the video will adamantly assert to the arresting officer that he would NEVER watch child porn, and therefore didn't know where or when all of those images of children being raped were downloaded onto his phone and computers? It must have been the person who asked him to burn that CD for him, right?

Can you spot which of the men in this video is likely to try avoiding being sent to prison, by making up a story about how he realized he was trying to work out his own pain by selecting a victim around the same age he was when he was molested... in order to manipulate public opinion and judicial sentencing guidelines?  

Can you tell which of the smiling men... should their internet activities finally be traced, which would lead to their arrest for the possession and distribution of child porn... will benefit from being evaluated by a naïve treatment provider, who will likely score him as "Low Risk", using the STATIC 99-R, the most widely utilized sex offender risk assessment instrument... which is fundamentally flawed for use on pedophiles, to paint "1st time" predators in the most favorable light?

Can you spot which of the men in the featured video would lie about being sexually molested a minor, in order to gain someone's sympathy? After all, isn't it true , "Hurt people, Hurt people"? (Hint... He actually knows that popular catch-phrase is simply a lie when it comes to men who would sexually prey upon minors to "convert" them." He secretly hopes you don't figure out the clinical reality is, "Selfish people hurt people... true Survivors are protective of kids, never sexually exploitive).

Can you spot which of the men in the choir have worked strategically with agenda-driven academic researchers toward crafting a false narrative that they are 'born that way... toward advancing their ultimate agenda of doing an end-run on Age of Consent laws, via adding the P (Pedophilia) to the LGBQT+++?

Can you spot which of the "sensitive" men featured in the video, enthusiastically lobbied lawmakers in Sacramento, to have CA lower the Age of Consent to 14? Can you guess why? Can you guess how many of them have thus been able to avoid being placed on the Sex Offender Registry?
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Can you guess which of the men in the choir have been in regular contact with Nancy Pelosi's office, to ensure the "Equality Act" contained the provision ensuring they were able to gain direct equal access to the private spaces of women and children?

Can you spot which of the men in the choir would willingly and easily dress in drag if that was all that was necessary to gain access to the Wi Spa female only section of their showers?

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Can you spot the kind of man in the choir who would easily walk around naked, smilingly exposing himself, and in a women's change room where vulnerable women and kids are present?

Can you spot how many of the "loving" men, featured in the choir's video, would dress in an Antifa hoodie, cover his face, and beat the hell out of women protesting against Wi Spa and other such establishments for allowing pre-arrested male sex offenders to criminally expose their penises to women and children?

Can you spot how many of the men in the video have gone into the women's change room and showers at Wi Spa, and other such private spaces?

Can you spot which of the men in the featured video, boldly singing with pride, have joined forces with pimps to ensure that any man in drag can gain complete overnight access to the vulnerable women in rape shelters? Can you spot which ones might be more than willing to dress in drag, if it means being able to "retrieve his property"... to put her back to work with his male clients who expect her to earn her money by reenacting
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what thy watch on PornHub?

Can you spot which of the men would be willing to vandalize any rape shelter that does not comply with their demands of "Equal Access"?

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Can you identify which of the smiling men in the featured video have likely been actively lobbying for male sex offenders to be able to gain "Equal Access" to women's prisons, simply by saying they "identify" as a woman? Never mind that 99% of those sexually deviant male offenders are in for violent sexual offenses... that they were heavily involved in porn prior to perpetrating their crimes... that they would readily say the magic words if that is all it took for them to walk right in to a prison full of women... thus putting vulnerable women (many of whom have been the victims of past sexual abuse) at great risk of becoming victimized all over again.

Can you spot which of the men in the featured choir video would be the kind to employ the most effective of cult-like tactics, designed to emotionally disarm and silence those who would dare to begin to suspect them of being deceivers... the big lie, where they put forth the most outrageous of lies, say it loudly enough, boldly enough, repeatedly enough, professionally lie... while looking you right in the eye. What is the lie such professional-grade deceivers will use most often? That they "were born that way"...

... while never mentioning just how much deviant porn they have consumed over the years, behind closed doors when nobody else was around... (well, no one else except their buddies, with whom they share the images they captured while convincing the naive teens they met on social media and gaming sites to send them "private" selfies) ... times you would least suspect them of accessing porn online...
the most vile of kind...
because they count on you not asking them when they began accessing porn, and how it progressed to the deviant stuff they now regularly access.
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Can you spot which of the men in the choir have been strategically selecting positions of trust, in order to gain direct "hands-on" access to groom vulnerable minors in churches, scouts, after school "safe space" clubs, and the Trans Movement?
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Can you spot which of the bright smiling men in the video work with foster kids...
... men who have shown them his video of adults "having fun between the sheets" on his phone, and shared special "bonding time" together...

... men who now share "special secrets" together with gender confused minors? One look at the eyes of such a child tells you everything you need to know about the process of "conversion" at the hands of such "sensitive" men.

And, since such men know that protective competent therapists can readily spot the Red Flags of grooming, abuse, and sexual exploitation... which is why the men in this choir will push legislation to ensure such protective Mandated Reporters do NOT ask any questions of the child, but merely "affirm" the child, and send them off for puberty blockers, which keeps the children looking young and soft...
Truth be told, it is exactly the kind of men in this choir who will do everything they can to eliminate all legitimately protective therapists from the field of counseling, so they don't have to worry about anyone getting the child to open up and disclose the "little secrets," thus requiring a Mandated Report of suspected sexual abuse be filed.

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Would predators ever masquerade as being legitimate, even trustworthy, to gain access to vulnerable teens... especially those teens who are aging out of the foster care system, who have very little resources, support, or employment opportunities... vulnerable teens who are easily manipulated with promises of employment opportunities, love, and acceptance (vulnerable teens who can be lured with a supposed opportunity to be around adults who will support their aspirations and goals)... in order to lure them in, to groom them with porn, to "convert" them, to involve them in all night initiation rituals... then, with threats of releasing the photos and films secretly recorded of them "participating" in rape porn, threats of abandonment... in order to exploit and traffick them? What do you think?

Read the Research Study
(Chapter 5 [pp. 44-59] was written by Jon K. Uhler, LPC)

Can you spot the men in this video who would go so far as to claim they recovered their "repressed" childhood traumatic memories of supposed torturous and life-altering therapy experiences... the details and purported effects of which fail the smell test of validity... strategically disclosed in front of cameras or legislative hearings... of supposedly having been "traumatized" by so-called "Conversion Therapy"... despite the fact that no reputable therapist would seek to "Convert" anyone. Ironically, it is these same kinds of men who now boldly sing about their strategic intentions of "converting" minors.

And, can you spot the kind of men in the featured video who would stoop so low as to strategically try to entrap ethical therapists... the kind of professionals who will look for signs of abuse and exploitation, as they meet vulnerable minors and adults... for purposes of engaging in lawfare against them, toward ensuring no minor, they have worked hard to "convert," ever clarifies their own values enough to leave or defect from "the Community or Movement."

Can you spot the men in the featured video who are a part of Drag Queen Story Hour... who, after watching hours of deviant porn behind closed doors, love slipping on a pair of women's underwear and dressing in drag... in order to gain direct and unfettered access to kids in libraries and classrooms under the guise of reading to them (notice how we don't see these same men reading to old folks in nursing homes?)... while distributing their contact information for the kids to access their "adult drag" performances online.

Can you spot the men in the choir who love to attend Drag Queen Story Hour with their pedophile buddies, bringing props along with them to serve as symbols (a chick is used by pedphiles to refer to young children)? They love to "put it right out there" to other predators that the hunting is easy in this town because the parents are so woke they are blind to the methods of grooming... in the event they get an opportunity to be interviewed by naïve news media.
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Can you spot which of the smiling men in the featured video have multiple accounts on social media, hide 100% of their identity by making up fake identities, in order to troll Twitter or Facebook, then seek to get anyone banned from Twitter who would unmask the red flags of sexual predators?
Can you tell which of the men, signing proudly in the featured video, may have been in the back row of this photo, who then went online that night while using a VPN, to gain access to kids to begin grooming them via online gaming and chat rooms... in order to "convert the children?"

Can you tell which of the men in the choir have
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been hiding 100% of their identity under bright costumes called "Furries", in order to gain direct access to teens, especially those teens who are on the autism spectrum or are gender confused due to having been groomed by porn and those who would use it to cross their sexual boundaries?

From watching the men in the choir singing so proudly about how they are going to "convert" the children of ignorant, bigoted, and small-minded parents, can you spot which ones are most likely to say that the Trans Movement is a naturally occurring ("organic") phenomenon, occurring only after the year 2005, supposedly as a result of society finally becoming less transphobic, and more progressive in their tolerance and acceptance of so-called marginalized groups (which is code for sexual deviance, and has no relevance in terms of their standard of living and economic opportunities... given the average income of the men in this choir adeptly target for "conversion" is above "marginal," when
compared with the average household income of the single mothers of so many of the children these men target for "conversion")?

Do you notice how such men fail to inform the public that this Movement was not a spontaneous organic Movement, as that would appear as a gradual trend over time... not as a tidal wave in terms of fast-tracked referrals toward medical sex change (aka: "transitioning" or sterilization).
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Do you notice how the kinds of men in this choir have worked so hard to try to spin the false narrative that anyone, who dares to unmask this grand man-made predatory psychological scam and scheme, will be labeled as "transphobic," instead of "child protective."

Can you spot which of the men in the featured video can be seen in the third row from the front, throwing money to this 11 year old boy... he is eager to be able to have some alone time to help initiate him into the Community, once he has been "converted"?

Can you tell which of the men in the choir would hate for you to connect the dots in terms of how financial "special interests" are largely behind the strategic marketing campaign intended to capitalize upon minors being manipulated into believing they are "born in the wrong body," or that their gender is "fluid"... which enables vulnerable minors to then be "transitioned" (placed on the fast-track toward sex change)?

Can you identify which of the men featured in this video love spending time with kids on the autism spectrum, (and have other untreated mental health disorders)... as such kids make such easy targets for being groomed into the Trans Movement, where men such eagerly await the opportunity to show them "special love and attention"?
Can you spot the men in the video who are actually sophisticated pimps, posing as "talent agents"? They are the kind who patiently, methodically, and professionally groom young kids for years... making them fair game for predators to sexually assault them behind closed doors... all the while using them as their poster children for manipulating the public into accepting the delusional idea that gender is fluid... and getting such young victims accustomed to being sex trafficking when they become teens... who will provide "services" for the likes of some of the very same kinds of men singing boldly in this choir?

Can you spot which men from this choir are the kind most likely to have perfected the art of strategically playing the "insensitivity card" in their workplace grievances, in their civil rights complaints, and in their lawsuits... to the point where mandated courses are now the norm in places of employment and education?

Interestingly, these same men seem to have no problem being so disturbingly offensive and extremely insensitive to others... whether it be women who would protect children from porn-fueled men trying to access their private spaces... or the parents who object to the video's clear message... sung proudly by the passive-aggressive men in this video... who will now unapologetically mock those offended by such a video, and assert that the parents are the ones with the issue, resulting from being too thinned skinned and being overly sensitive. So, where is the same kind of public apology from these "sensitive" men... like they would demand from others if they were offended by "insensitivity"?
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Can you spot which of the men in the video are brazenly mocking parents... as they know how to "initiate" these children, as the conversion process is underway? For them, they derive the greatest joy from offering up their own sacrifice to the god they worship and enthusiastically serve. This is why they sing so boldly and brazenly about converting your children... because once they have them, they never intend to let them go.

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From the featured choir video, can you spot just one legitimate man (one who is willing to unapologetically speak out against anyone who would support the sexualization, objectification, and medicalization of both women and gender-confused minors) who is will to say this video carries a horrible message... that there is never a time or a place to speak of sexually influencing or "converting" another person's child toward your own lifestyle adult life style? And, can you find even one of those men willing now to publicly apologize... in brokenness and humility... to parents for ever thinking they should write, let alone sing, about "converting" other people's children? Likely, you won't. But, fortunately, there are some legitimate men, who truly do understand what goes on inside that Community... and are willing to boldly call out those within the alternative lifestyles... like the men in this featured men's choir... who simple refuse to take such a stand against sexualizing and exploiting children.

Can you spot which of the men in the video will be angry that a forensically-trained licensed professional counselor, who is both a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, who is also forensically Certified in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R), who has conducted 100s of prison sex offender risk assessments and sex offender parole evaluations over the course of 11 + years, has just informed the public of what these men are actually doing by putting out such a brazen message?

How many of the men in the featured video were you able to identify as fitting the profile of a predator?

Were you able to spot the most obvious red flag indicators?
Why couldn't you?
Do you know why?
I'll give you a hint...

And, would it surprise you to find out that at least a couple of the men in the video wrote and drew some of the things that following? Stay with these actual posts and anime drawings until the end, as it is vital to understand how such men think, what they access behind closed doors, and what they use on social media to groom and "convert" your children.

Welcome to the real Conversion Therapy!

They just thought you were simply too stupid to figure it out that bright and capable people actually do mean what they say.

To read more about the profile of the men most interested in gaining access to your children... to "Convert them," visit:

For a better understanding of the roll plays in men morphing into pedophiles and other kinds of sexually deviant predators, visit:

For a full bio of Jon K. Uhler, LPC, and an overview of his professional background and experience, visit:


  1. I always thought there was something weird about this animie. Creepy kinds of nerdy guys seem into it who also seem to lack common sense about decency. Common sense that used to be diffused into them, but now we have one at work demanding that everyone just accept his endless meltdowns and endless days off for his "anxiety". I see you seem to focus on all this nasty porn around that thankfully I never got into other than us renting a few VHS tapes back in the late 80s when we had a new year's eve party. But there is another, very insidious force I suspect is running comorbid with a lot of this weirdness going on, heavy cannabis use. In the case of the 30 something nerd at work melting down, I do see an endless video game obsession and some lesser interest in animie...but I know for a fact he is using cannabis daily and am certain it is fueling his so called "anxiety" a general depression, and these odd temper tantrums. Oh, and this run of the mill midwestern white boy has recently declared himself to be a "Native American" just like Elizabeth Warren. It's so ridiculous.

    Besides him We actually had SIX sex offenders hired at my company by a chump HR guy who fell for every sob story. Well, five actually since one fellow was only accused, but never convicted of rape who seems inappropriately aggressive in his behavior towards women. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Another guy who went around the local grocery stores exposing himself to adult women. Another creep who got busted with pictures of kiddies on his computer. A lowlife alcoholic who did 10 years for molesting his 11 year old step daughter. A little troll like comic book nerd who got caught when he was 18 for molesting his twelve year old half brothers all throughout high school after another half brother he had been molesting grew older. The last was a real piece of work, a hard core pedophile who definitely went out of his way to target kids. He would find these drug addicted type single mothers and befriend them and start paying their bills all in order to access their underage boys. He was so brazen that despite us knowing he was on the registry, he talked endlessly about his all consuming fascination with kids. Constantly ordering gifts of toys, he showered the kids with gifts, $700 Galaxy phones! he had swing sets, swimming pools, video games, toys, etc. I used to joke that he turned his place into a poor man's Neverland Ranch, unfortunately it turned out to be correct, the detectives came in five years ago and picked him up for doing exactly as we suspected and the creep won't get out until he's 77 years old.


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