Can you spot the one Sexual Predator most likely to access minors in the Trans Movement?

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Look at the ages of these predators. Yet, sadly, the most widely utilized sex offender risk assessment instrument which will lower their risk level on paper because of a flawed premise of sophisticated child predators, will likely be used pre-trial to determine the "level of risk they pose of re-offending," or will be used to determine what degree of treatment they need prior to them being eligible for Parole. Thus these men will likely be able to "make a deal" in a plea agreement, or will be able to get out of prison sooner than would otherwise have been the case. Doubt that? Then, how do you think they got out in the first place prior to maxing their sentences out? And, if cognitive-behavioral sex offender treatment treatment is what these men needed (for those inclined to suggest that such men be diverted to treatment instead of prison), how did they successfully pass treatment the first time, despite not having been truly changed?

Once in treatment, what stunts are they likely to pull on a naive treatment provider, or an academic researcher who will seek to gain insights into the reason for their offending, toward ensuring they are painted as a victim of their own trauma... in order to ensure the information makes its way back to the Parole Board, so they can increase the likelihood of being released early release, or to influence legislation or sentencing guidelines in the event they get busted again once they are out? They will likely say any of following "magic words," as they know these will work in their favor (because inmates talk, and they advise on another of how to "fake it to make it." They will make the case that: (1) they were didn't truly understand what consent meant, that (2) they were actually unconsciously driven to "act out" their own childhood trauma from having been sexually abused at that age, and/or (3) that they have secretly always been "attracted" to children (a MAP... a Minor Attracted Person) but were simply trying to deny their true authentic self, which created serious internal emotional conflict for them, given they were "born this way." And, for those with lengthier sentences, or for those who are the most sophisticated in term of tactical manipulation, they will claim to be Trans, which will help facilitate a move into a women's prison... as the fox moves right into the chicken koop, laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that all his skills at accessing select submissive victims will know no bounds. Think it isn't happening? Then, I think those of us who spent time spent time working clinically within the prison system can help shed a little light on the subject for you.

What do these men count on to avoid serious prison time, to get out of sex offender treatment early... thus, enabling them to likely get out of prison early, and positioning themselves to still hunt in broad daylight once released? They simply need:
(1) naive people in positions of authority... who will have read and believed the lie floated by the grand pedophile fraud, Alfred Kinsey, that "children are sexual from birth," which then allows predatory abuse by teens on younger kids to be reframed as simply "sexual exploration," thus turning a blind eye to a teen who is already morphing into a sexual predator, due to accessing very deviant porn,
(2) perfunctory clinicians who do not understand the process by which an adult becomes sexually deviant or do not understand the inextricable role porn plays in 100% of sexual assaults in the year 2020,
(3) naive therapists who've been trained to reframe sexual predators as men who are "acting out" of their own past sexual trauma,
(4) dangerously deceived or Agenda-driven therapists who assert (a) that Kink and BDSM are simple "expressions of sexual taste," and (b) there is nothing to worry about when a man chokes a woman during "rough sex," as opposed to such deviant activities serving as the ideal preparatory grooming tool and serving as the perfect cover for sophisticated sexual predators who can now freely perpetrate sexual assault via a "Dom and Submissive relationship"... where he can re-enact what he was watching behind closed doors the night before via VPNs to ensure law enforcement cannot detect his online activities perpetrate sexual assault,
(5) dangerously Agenda-driven therapist who market themselves as "Gender Therapists," who elect to turn a blind eye to the Red Flags of sexual grooming, manipulation, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, in order to reframe the key mental health diagnosis evidenced by young sexual abuse victims in terms of gender-confusing... thus, allowing them to fasttrack vulnerable minors off toward chemical sterilization and eventual surgical amputation of their healthy sex organs, and, once they get out,
(6) churches who cannot meaningfully discern the difference between a prodigal and a predator, and
(7) church leaders who will tell survivors that it is up to them to forgive regardless, must view the perpetrator as simply "a sinner saved by grace", and that they must not be the first to cast stones, but should work on "embracing the wayward back into fellowship."

What are these predators likely to do next time? Well, given they have spent time in prison comparing notes, and working on ensuring they implement better tactics to avoid any future detection, they will likely try different tactics and venues. They know they could involve themselves with 18 year olds just out of high school who they met online in select social media sites or online video games rooms, young adults in the Trans Movement who are "gender-confused" to "help support them and share their love and support." They each might wait until they can move to CA, where the Democraat-hel legislature and Governor successfully lowered the Age of Consent, as they know that state is becoming more inclined to "divert to treatment men who have become child predators, even though there is no evidence that treatment works for men who long to defile kids.

And, for those still inclined to believe the Trans Movement is safe for kids with mental health issues... think a number of these men wouldn't stoop to dressing in drag if it meant gaining direct equal access? Willing to risk the safety of such vulnerable minors for the sake of your desire to be "woke," or to blindly support an Agenda, which leads young people toward sterilization and enriching unethical medical doctors who will slice off the healthy sex organs of young people with untreated mental health issues? Think such men wouldn't claim to have become supportive of Trans Lives Matter, to gain direct equal access the private spaces of vulnerable women... with their picture phones in hand? Think such men wouldn't dress in drag if they knew it was simply that easy to gain overnight access into sleeping with rape victims... and, possibly even ensure the return of one of "their girls" employed by them in "sex work"? Then, maybe I should invite you to become a fly on the wall in sex offender treatment.

What is the one things that each man was found having been involved in, prior to their perpetrating their offense? Accessing years worth of porn. 100% of them. How can I be so sure? 11+ years on prison psych staff, conducting sex offender treatment in prison, and conducting 100s of sex offender risk assessment and writing 100s of parole psych evals, affords you the opportunity to review 1000s of criminal histories, police reports, victim impact statements, arrest histories, juvenile histories, and psychological reports, including the histories of those men designated as SVPs (Sexually Violent Predators) revealed that to be the case. 100% will always be busted for possession of child porn, 98% will also be found with charges for distributing child porn. And, among that porn, will inevitably be porn containing Kink, BDSM, Cosplay, Zoophiles, bestiality, bondage, and gang rape.

For a better understanding of the kinds of porn such predators access, how they use it to groom, and how they are able to easily access vulnerable young people, visit:

For an understanding of how porn impacts the mind, and fast-tracks men from lust to sexual deviance and beyond, visit:

For an understanding of the degree of callous disregard of predators targeting vulnerable young people, visit:

For an understanding of the methods and tactics of sophisticated predators most likely to target vulnerable young people, like those found within the Trans Movement, visit:

For a full bio of Jon K. Uhler, LPC, and an overview of his professional background and experience, visit:


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