It Is Time For Mental Health Professionals to Say, "Enough is Enough!" to the Trans Deception

The Trans Movement is wreaking havoc on countless lives, with relatively few of us mental health professionals willing to call this what it is...the greatest man-made psychological lie, scheme, and scam ever foisted upon vulnerable young people with untreated mental health issues. The 13 so-called professionals (there are serious doubts in my mind that any of them should be called "professionals," since they played a pivotal in launching this ruse), who comprised the DSM 5 working group for Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders (pg 10 in the DSM 5), facilitated the manufacturing of this darkened cult-like scheme, by appearing to be moderate, objective, and "reasonable"... which simply has enabled unethical "Transgender Medical Professionals" to bill for "treatments" related to so-called "Transgender" issues.

When it comes to the sterilization and amputation of young people with untreated mental health issues (many of whom show evidence of having been sexually groomed and abused), for those who take seriously their ethical and professional obligation to protect such vulnerable young people caught in the grips of a clinical delusion where they have become convinced that there are more than two genders, and that they have been "born in the wrong body," there is simply no such things as a "reasonable compromise." Thus, true protective clinicians will find themselves driven to step up and say what must be said, even at the risk of significant professional consequences.

'What the Pushers of the Trans Deception Don't Want You to Know'

Why have they allowed this fiasco by their abject silence, having seen the damaging outcomes of their work on young people, families, and society? There can only be one answer for such a lack of professional ethics and integrity. Because, they are Agenda-driven in their own right, and that is why they will not publically say they were wrong, and default back to the diagnosis of the DSM IV.

So, what has come from this diabolical man-made lie... this grand scam that never existed prior to 2005? The numbers speak for themselves. It is truly nefarious, and all too clear once you begin to see the ways in which this Agenda, and the contributing factors, have been used to manipulate the public narrative and vulnerable young people, as I have pointed out in many of my social media posts. Here are but a few such posts:

This dark deception has given financial and sexual predators the perfect opportunity to groom their intended "targets of opportunity," by strategically employing the best of time-tested cult methods of recruitment, retention, and mental manipulation, leading to a profound degree of brainwashing. What has been the result? The rise of an entire industry niche, which derives its profits off vulnerable emotionally disturbed young people, who have come to accept the myth that they were some how born in the wrong body.

As I posted on Twitter (prior to recently being permanently suspended without explanation), it is time that WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) be called to give an account for their lack of public condemnation for ANY professional who would display such clear indifference to the 9 key red flag indicators of sexual trauma that any and all Mandated Reporters should be able to readily identify, in order to adequately protect vulnerable clients and patients from abuse, grooming, exploitation, and trafficking. This is the kind of "treatment" WPATH refuses to condemn, despite having supposed "Standards of Care." To remain silent in the face of the kind of evil that would take advantage young people who untreated mental health issues (as seen in the following), is simply gross professional negligence at best.

Can you spot all the scars from the places this young woman has been cutting on herself (including on her left wrist). Guess whether this young woman is right or left handed? Do you think there might be additional scars on her thighs, the back of her knees, and on her groin area? Likely, yes. Do you think this doctor, who is now a multimillionaire from cutting off young women's breasts, might have noticed these scars when she performed her pre-surgery screening and exam on this young woman? Does this seem like a patient who is truly able to comprehend the life-long implications of having her breasts sliced off? Given that she believes she is born in the wrong body, which is the clinical definition of a delusional disorder (being out of touch with reality), is this young lady someone a doctor should be operating on for a profit... or someone who is in desperate need of trauma therapy, given that she no doubts dissociates to a profound degree?

Here is what I posted, which was quickly met with my permanent suspension from Twitter, which I reposted on my GETTR page:

Any so-called profession who would turn a blind eye to such clear signs of trauma, and cut the breasts off such vulnerable young women should be publicly denounced by WPATH. Yet, nothing but silence from an organization that supposedly has "Stands of Care." Such refusal to condemn such diabolically unethical "treatment" simply reveals WPATH is Agenda-driven, and will use its influence to silence any professional who would dare to pull back the curtain on this dark Agenda.

I call upon those Members of the DSM 5 working group of "Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders," to publicly recant from their poor professional judgement and blind spots for not anticipating how their new diagnosis would be used to target, groom, and manipulate vulnerable youth, and lead such young people who have other untreated disorders toward sterilization and amputation of their healthy sex organs.

I call upon them to retract the entire use of 'Gender Identity Disorder'... which technically does not appear in the DSM 5 as a billing and diagnostic code, which means the DSM code: 302.6, was mysteriously changed in public discourse or professional terminology from what is in the DSM 5, as Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Adults... which also means that services being billed under "Transgender Treatments" are not being submitted under an actual code, thus raising possibility that we are witnessing insurance fraud on a massive scale.

I also urge my fellow therapists and other such professionals and mandated reporters to see this for what it is, to call this what it is, and to care more about protecting vulnerable young people and their families than any pejorative arrows that will be shot at you. Take a bold stand, and peak out in no uncertain terms against this grand scheme. In your heart-of-hearts, you know that this is a harmful and nefarious deception. It is our responsibility to ensure we help ground client's in reality, nit make them easier prey for predators.
Please take time to read the following post, penned by a broken-hearted parent, who has experienced the impact of this grand deception.

It has already become fairly apparent, due to their stunning refusal to reply to the following post on Twitter, where WPATH stands regarding meaningfully protecting vulnerable minors from sophisticated sexual predators who are using this grand deception to target and groom kids.
But, I at least would have hoped that watching the carnage from the slicing off of healthy breasts from vulnerable young people (many of whom (1) have been previously sexually manipulated, (2) are on the autism spectrum, (3) have been in the foster care system, or (4) have been groomed by predators using social media and porn), would have been sufficient grounds to force them to finally say, "Enough is Enough!" But, sadly, once again, nothing but silence from WPATH.

I trust, if you are an ethical mental health professional... or anyone else who works with troubled young people, or those of you who are a Mandated Reporters of suspected sexual grooming, sexual abuse and exploitation, that this has awakened you to the damage this ruse has already done... and, that you have seen how many young people have been groomed into the cult-like grip of this contrived scheme, which will forever leave these young people and their families forever scarred... that you will join me is boldly saying to those in our field who should know better, "Enough is Enough!"

What is the cost, in terms of the pain and suffering being experienced by those vulnerable young people and families, as a result of this man-made psychological ruse? The following article, panned by a grieving parent, paints a clear picture of this grand tragedy.

For an indepth look into the hidden dangers of underlying the push to medicalize young people via the Trans Deception, watch this 3-part interview with Alix Aharon, of the Gender Mapping Project, called:

The Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine.

For more information on Jon K. Uhler, LPC, CSOTP, CCTP, visit:


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