The Trans Pushers Have Declared, "It's Game On!"

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Jk Rowling has been thrust into the spot light, as she had the temerity to declare that men can't be women. Yep, that is what created the fire storm.  It has resulted in her being bombarded with threats and moves designed to inflict economic punishment upon her. Why? Because she has dared to unmask the Trans ruse for what it is... a grand deception, based upon a man-made psychological lie, strategically pushed by men... who dress in women's underwear. 
However, this is about much more than men who have their undies in bunch. 
What we are actually witnessing is that a strategic switch has been flipped... and, the door of the Trojan Horse has sprung open... and the deception long-planned by porn-fueled men who will not be denied hands-on access to children is now underway. They embedded themselves in the women’s movement (under the guise of being sensitive men in need of protection and support), simply to allow women to assert there was no distinction between the sexes.

Once the issue of gender differences was sufficiently dismantled, they put their plan into motion... to assert that “gender fluidity” was real... which meant that vulnerable kids needed to be supported by those who would “understand and support” them best... the men who dress in women’s underwear. 

It is those men who simply used women, who are now implementing the second half of the plan... eradication of anyone who would protect kids from porn-saturated men... who would prevent them from accessing kids anywhere and anytime.

Another obstacle to be attacked and eradicated? Parents who would seek to stop the Trans Cult from taking their child.

The last primary obstacle? Any mental health professional who would dare try to help a young person think through the long-term implications of a sex change... sterilization via castration or hysterectomy. 

To those professionals who would dare share factual information with the child... the cult leaders will cry, “Phobic... keep away from our kids... we are their new family and Community... and, how dare you try to “convert them” away from what we’re teaching them!” Those therapists will be deemed “dangerous”, and will be silenced and punished via loss of license, fine, and possible jail time.

Welcome to “the game.”


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