Key Characteristics of Child Predators


From 11+ years of working intensively with child sex offenders, the following "behind the scenes insights are offered to provide reliable information about such predators.
As can be understood from the following article, Sophisticated Pedophiles look for positions of power, trust, and respectability, from which they can most readily access access children while gaining the trust of adults.  

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In terms of their profiles, Sophisticated Predators:
* were not sexually abused as children,
* do not misunderstand the nature of "Consent,"
* are very methodical and self-controlled,
* are not impulsive,
* are socially well-adjusted,
* understand social cues and nuances,
* have above-average IQs,
* tend to be right handed (in contrast to a study that supposedly found pedophiles to be primarily left-handed),
* have a positive self-image,
* have a good self-esteem,
* have effective communication skills,
* do not suffer from mental health issues prior to arrest,
* have no record of involvement in school counseling, social services, or the juvenile justice system,
* have no adult criminal history,
* have passed all background checks a clearances,
* are viewed as being above average in terms of their knowledge and ability to multi-task,
* are viewed as being personally competent and capable,
* are viewed as being dependable and reliable,
* are viewed as being "a good guy, who cares about others,"
* are known for their involvement in charitable or philanthropic activities,
* often work in jobs where they've signed abuse mandatory reporting requirements,
* are often very computer savvy,
* were inevitably able to fool everyone around them in terms of their professional-grade deceptive double-life, and how much child-rape porn they had been accessing, downloading, and distributing (sharing) for years (once busted 100% of them will be found in possession of child porn, 98% will also be charged with distribution... 99% of them will deny any knowledge of the child porn, how it got onto their electronic devices, and will swear they NEVER look at porn, let alone child porn),
* will count on people believing the urban legend perpetuated in academic literature that such predators were drawn to re-enact on children at the age they themselves were abused.

Given the difficulty encountered with properly studying sophisticated child predators (for those academics who hope to interview this population, access to sex offenders in prison is limited and restricted, and is relegated to a highly structured format and interview process, which inherently lacks normal methods of ensuring privacy & confidentiality, by virtue of mandated prison security requirements, protocols, & procedures, and the researcher's ability to independently and objectively corroborate what is disclosed by the inmate is limited, which is problematic given the fact that child offenders are the most proficient and adept liars and manipulators of all category of criminals.), reliable and valid research findings and insights can be difficult to come by, especially when it has to do with an accurate profile of Sophisticated Child Predators (those who have multiple victims, who offended on multiple occasions over an extended period of time, who evidenced the ability to groom, and who demonstrated calculation, planning, and forethought).

Sophisticated Child Predators are among the most calculating of all criminals, and are the darkest in terms of degrees of psychopathy.


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