Sexual Deviants and Predators Have Played the Public for Fools... at the Expense of Women.

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How is one to make sense of the lack of will to stop the clearly purposeful systematic dismantling of women's sports? By our willingness to finally address the elephant in the middle of the room... before there is no room left for women.

Why do deviant men... who access porn on a regular basis behind closed doors... want on women's sports teams? If you think it is for the medals, you are sorely mistaken, as the men in my sex offender treatment groups will tell you. Why then? It is for the real prize... to gain direct access into the locker rooms and showers of the female on the team. Doubt that? Just ask the women who are being subjected to these men, who are able to walk around exposing their erect members... all the while, having their cell phone video cameras at the ready.

After they have had their fill, they proudly return back to their homes, with cell phones in hand, looking to upload their photos and videos online, usually on the Dark Web.

The reality of what is being played out before our very eyes is something that the pushers of the Trans Deception do not want good people recognizing. The reality of what this is all about is quite straightforward. Porn-fueled men have used the Trans Deception as the Ultimate Trojan Horse.

Such men-in-women's underwear... who strategically became 50 Shades men, then became men-in-women's sports, dressing rooms (with cell phone camera in hand and secretly at the ready to capture additional photos and footage, which will then be "touched up" and uploaded onto various pay-per-view porn sites), washrooms, WiSpa, rape shelters, and in women's prisons...
'Female Inmates are At Risk by Allowing 
Male Offenders in Women's Prisons'

... have now joined forces with the likes of Planned Parenthood, PornHub, and Only Fans, to turn women into men, and men into women... with a strategic goal of rendering women "empowered" by means of prostitution (rebranded as "sex work")...
'The Push to Legalize Prostitution' (Pt. 1)

'Personal Empowerment or Sexual Exploitation... 
what really happens when prostitution is legalized?'

... as such porn-fueled deviant men are able to use objectify them, use them as sex objects, then send them back to Planned Parenthood to fix any "unplanned problem" that might arise... so they can get back in the game... to serve at the pleasure of such men... who aim to ultimately keep women silent and submissive (cancelling any who would try to resist, by labeling them as "TERFs"),

so that no one is left to stop such deviant men from accessing the bodies of minors,... especially the most vulnerable ones, who have already been sexually abused, are on the autism spectrum, or who have been in foster care.

This was the plan all along. It is now well underway. Unless women march en mass as, they have when prompted by Planned Parenthood (which only happens when Planned Parenthood sees their income stream threatened), they will soon find they have no voice, and they will be at the mercy of porn-fueled men, who will demand they bow the knee in front of them... just as such men always do to women.

For more information on the dangers and deception of the Trans Movement, watch the following compelling interview with Alix Aharon, of the Gender Mapping Project.
The Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine

Jon K. Uhler, LPC is Director & Founder of, and host of the LIVE weekly counseling program, Journey to Healing, broadcast on, Friday nights, 8-9pm EST in the US.


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