Man who filmed infant sex abuse sentenced to life in prison

“The arrests came after troopers were tipped off that Smith had child pornography at his home, news outlets reported.”

Welcome to the darkness of the child predator… who will inevitably claim that he was “non-offending” even up until the point of arrest. He will claim he had no knowledge of where the child porn came from, how it was downloaded (despite his multiple layers of computer firewalls, spyware, & passwords.

Once inn prison sex offender treatment, he will claim to have been “minor attracted,” sexually abused as a child (thus supposedly developmentally stuck and subconsciously driven to offend the age child at which he himself was abuse), suffering from mental health issues, socially awkward, feeling emotionally isolated from not connecting with his partner, that he was unsure of what constituted “consent”, that he had been drinking, etc.

This is the diabolical nature of the child predator. They will always be busted with child porn, and they will inevitably be producing victims. They will deny it, as they know the majority of the public can be easily manipulated into believing his spin. Simply put. There is no such thing as a “non-offending” pedophile… only those who’ve managed to perpetrate while staying one step ahead of the law.  

For those of us who worked with 1000s of incarcerated sexual predators, we know them like the backs of our hands. They are the world’s greatest liar, yet are master manipulators. They’ve crafted false narratives for research, toward ensuring they can use those “findings” in their favor at sentencing time, thus serving as an insurance policy. Additionally, the false narratives have worked to manipulate Risk Assessments in their favor, and have been used to enhance greater access to women and kids private spaces… which works in their favor, as grooming has been made all the easier and more efficient for them.


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