The Manipulated Survivors of the Trans Deception are Awakening.
Young people, who were groomed & manipulated into sex change treatments, are finally awakening to the damage that’s been done to them… which simply added insult to injury. All because the professionals they trusted were either too ignorant, too eager, or too agenda-driven to not see the clear red flag indicators of deeper underlying issues. Instead, they were offered superficial treatments for very deep wounds… treatments that simply left them even more scarred than they were before seeking out help.

Simply put, there is NEVER a reason that any young person should be directed toward a sex change, as gender is NOT the issue for a confused and vulnerable youth. Inevitably, there are other issues, often sexual abuse and/or grooming. Fast-tracking a such a child is never the answer, will only serve to confuse them, and will consign them to dealing with physical, emotional, and psychological issues for years to come… which will simply get in the way of them being able to successfully resolve the true underlying issues that caused the confusion in the first place.


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