Young adults are speaking out about the Great Trans Deception

The more young adults... who were manipulated into “transitioning”... awaken to what was done to them, the more they are willing to disclose the fact that they did not receive the mental health treatment they needed which could have helped them deal with deeper issues, which so often have to do with past sexual grooming and abuse.

In her video, Laura Reynolds describes the extent to which these young people must go into denial about their underlying issues, which predators can easily spot and use to manipulate the confused youth. This is being repeated countless times, as The Great Trans Deception… pushed by nefarious “special interests (greedy doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and sexual predators) who are using time-tested cult-like methods of manipulation, recruitment, indoctrination, and “member loyalty retention”… strategically markets to and targets vulnerable and confused youth.

Good people must awaken to this man-made psychological lie that is being foisted upon such young people, as these young people are generally not able to see the extent to which they are being groomed and manipulated.


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