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A look at "the unique positions" of a Sexualized Advocate Running for K-12 School Board.

  What if a highly educated person who decided to run for a small town K-12 school board... was discovered to be a highly sexualized advocate of "Legalize Everything"? What if that same highly sexualized Advocated tried to hide her "sexualized positions" from the parents and the public? Should there be full disclosure? The parents located within the Chilliwack School District, in British Columbia, are faced with just such a question. What are the concerns? What could go wrong with such a candidate's "positions" and influence? Those and other issues are closely explored in this interview. And, parents in other local areas should take heed, for this pattern will no doubt be attempted with increasing frequency in other areas within Canada and the US.

A Biology Teacher's Sexual Deviance under the guise of Biology Lessons

With so much highly sexualized and pornographic material available for minors to access these days, parents must work overtime trying to screen and monitor what their kids are viewing these days. One would think educators would understand the need to help keep the minds of minors free from morally degrading material, as it impacts the character and minds of young people. But, sadly, there are some who use their positions as educators for less than noble purposes. And, even worse, some use their positions of influence to script the minds of their students toward sexual deviance, making them ripe for being sexually exploited, or actually becoming sexually predatorial. This is a classic example of the kind of "instructional" video that a sexual predator would use the begin the sexual grooming process of one of his/her students. Having conducted sex offender treatment for years, the degree of deviance contained within this educators video and the messages she conveys (e.g. &quo