Welcome to the Profile of the Sophisticated Child Predator


Having worked intensively in prison over the span of 11+ years with 1000s of perpetrators comprising the full range of sex offenders... having started the first intensive psychiatric treatment program in the US in a prison setting for men in long-term solitary confinement... having logged more clinical contact hours in solitary confinement than any other prison psychology in the US... having overseen treatment for one of the PA Dept. of Correction's High Intensity Sex Offender Treatment Units for SVPs (Sexually Violent Predators)... having been forensically Certified to produce clinical assessments of sexual predators for civil commitments by means of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist... and, having conducted hundreds of sex offender risk assessments and parole forensic psychological evaluations, what would this predator's profile reveal? It would reveal that this is the kind of predator who would attend church on Sundays, volunteer at the local after school club with "Trans Safe Spaces," would volunteer as a "Mentor" to gender-confused minors, and would also be willing to gain direct hands-on access to kids by dressing in drag (after spending the night before accessing illegal material featuring the rape of children) at the local Drag Queen Story Hour in a library, where naive "woke" parents are happy to let him get close to their kids... even allow them to hand out the URL to his favorite online videos for the kids to access.

He is the kind of predator who will access heinous material via a VPN and lots of computer security, to ensure law enforcement can't trace his online activity, yet will tell a naive or agenda-driven "academic researcher" that he has never been in the habit of accessing child porn, but that he was "born that way." And, he is the kind of predator counting on the public remaining ignorant to the reality that he started with adult porn, consumed 1000s of hours of progressively deviant porn, progressed through predictable stages of porn "taste" which included BDSM, bestiality, snuff, and barely legal, prior to developing a taste for the defiling and traumatizing of children. And, he is the kind of predator who plays upon the public's ignorance of the nature of sexual deviance, who will do or say whatever it takes for him to access the private spaces of vulnerable women and children, always with his cell phone camera.

What drives this kind of sophisticated predator? It is: (1) the thrill of the hunt, (2) the satisfaction of knowing he has done what other men would have been arrested for if he had not dressed in drag or claimed to "identify as a woman," (3) the ease with which he can peep and expose himself, (4) the passive-aggressive means of perpetrating emotional trauma within the women and children, knowing that have to sit there and take it, and (5) his ability to go home that night, pleasure himself to the images he was able to capture, while uploading these same prized photos to other such deviant men on the Dark Web via his sophisticated VPN, which allows him to evade law enforcement's detection. And, it is his ability to gain sufficient information on some of the unsuspecting women and children, to begin looking up their details and addresses online, as he plans his next move.

And, this is the profile of the kind of predator who hides 100% of his identity online, will have multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, will use a different cartoon picture for each, will often have posts (used to communicate with other predators about their age preference,

and used to groom kids by introducing highly sexualized and deviant content,

and normalizing BDSM, bisexuality, "pansexuality," and sexual objectification in ways that appear relatively mild, because they are in cartoon form) from animated children's movies, science fiction, Legos, deviant art, Trans art, Manga, Hentai, Sissy deviant art, Antho, D&D, anime, Furries & FURCONs,

...who will troll social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, to energetically and eagerly, with bravado and bold confidence, debate with seasoned forensic pro-child protection professionals, against them posting of the key red flag indicators of sexual predators.

If unsuccessful at debating such professionals, this kind of predator will then decry the revealing of such red flags as "Transphobic hate speech"... will then seek to have such child-protectors banned from social media, or at least put in Facebook jail... will orchestrate coordinated efforts against such a professional's license, in order to have the pro-child protection professional barred from practicing in the field of mental health... and, will link arms with Furries, MAPs, Trans Activists, and others who are pro-porn use, to ensure the Pro-child protection professional is branded as "homophobic," as “Anti-Trans," and/or "Transphobic."

Notice how many "likes" this MAP's post received?

Why does he hope the public and legitimate academic researchers never catch on to this, and what he does behind closed doors when no parents watches what he is accessing at home behind closed doors? Because, should the public actually find out that pedophiles not born that way (nature), are not a product of their environment (nurture), and not reenacting their own abuse on the age of a child that matches the age they were when they were sexually abused (compulsive unconscious reenactment), then: (1) all sympathy for his kind would immediately evaporates once the gig is up, and (2) the pedophile lobby loses the ability to control the narrative that the 'P' (Pedophile)is a sexual orientation, which should be granted civil rights protected status, and should be granted equal access to help "support" gender-confused kids. Because, after all, "Love is Love", "Love Knows No Limits", "Love KNows No Bounds", and "Love Knows No Age."

Now, that he finally got sloppy and was caught, he is the kind of predator who is hoping he is assessed, in terms of risk, by a forensic clinician using the STATIC 99-R, who has never conducted sex offender treatment with the full continuum of sex offenders in prison, who is not forensically certified in the PCL-R, and who has no understanding of the intrinsic differences between survivors of sexual trauma vs. sexual predators, but does believe that his self-report should be believed as holding the same degree of face-value credibility as a voluntary client, and will thus swallow hook-line-and-sinker his fabricated story that he was sexually abused, that he was acting out of his own trauma and low self-esteem stemming from his dysfunctional family of origin, that he was compulsively-driven to reenact what was done to him, that he has always been attracted to kids ("born that way"), and that he had never accessed child porn before, but that somehow it must have gotten on his computer via a borrowed thumb drive, and that he was actually a virtuous and non-offending MAP (Minor Attracted Person) prior to his arrest. And, if he can convince the judge that his issues need community-based treatment as opposed to prison, he will take a plea deal that will include the likes of pseudo-scientific supports groups, such as the Prostasia Foundation (which is simply a front for those leading the effort to lower the Age of Consent and adding the 'P' [Pedophilia] to the protected class of sexual orientations), that offer such "sensitive" men support.

Welcome to the mind, methods, and motives of the sophisticated predators, and those who aggressively reveal themselves to be their apologists. This child sexual predator is a master of manipulation, he is a methodical hunter, he has no criminal history, he is a Mandated Reporter, and he loves playing good people for fools, as that is half the fun of "the game."

To see how easy it is for teachers to begin introducing highly sexualized content into schools, which then can be easily used to grooming, making them easy prey for sexual predators, visit: https://www.survivorsupport.us/2021/02/a-biology-teachers-sexual-deviance.html

Jon K. Uhler and Alex Aharon, of The Gender Mapping Project, pull back the curtain to expose the Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine: Pt. 1 https://youtu.be/-g-z9qBJAYo Pt. 2 https://youtu.be/xYRicZ7A0b8 Pt. 3 https://youtu.be/872tsUpTdvM

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For an overview of the deception and dangers to vulnerable minors with posed by the Trans Movement, watch the following 45 min. documentary: https://youtu.be/f89Fny7OjwE

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