The Brazen Smile of the Darkened Predator

The day before his arrest, if asked by a therapist or a researcher about whether he had been staying away from kids, and if he had ever viewed child porn, he would have denied ever touching a child sexually, and he would have denied ever accessing child porn.

What is inevitably true with such supposed "non-offending" pedophiles? The amount of child porn found on this predator's devices is actually pretty typical... unless they can destroy some of the evidence prior to law enforcement busting down his door. 

The reality is that 100% of pedophiles/MAPs... once they are busted... are charged with possession of child porn. The vast majority are also charged with distribution of child porn. However, in most cases, much of the charges for possession and distribution of child porn get "pled away." 

As a result of making a deal with the District Attorney to plead guilty on lesser charges to avoid a jury trial, the perpetrator will inevitably later assert that he doesn't have to admit to the child porn. How can he even think to say that? Because, he will say "it doesn't count," since he was not found guilty for all the porn he was busted with at the time of arrest... because it was used as a bargaining chip during the plea negotiations. Welcome to how they play the game. 
Additionally, while in prison Sex Offender Treatment, he will inevitably tell some classic lies that he learned from the other sophisticated pedophiles before starting his group:

1. He has always secretly been a MAP ("Minor Attracted Person"),
2. He was sexually abused as a child,
3. He suffered from low self-esteem,
4. He suffered from a mental illness (Depression),
5. He's always been socially awkward, and found it easier to relate to kids,

6. He had never really taken the time to think about the idea of "consent,"

7. He doesn't remember a lot, because he was usually drinking when it happened, 

8. He doesn't know how that child porn got on his device, despite his extensive computer security,  

9. He would NEVER look at child porn, so all that porn couldn't have been his.   

10. He didn't think it was wrong at the time, as she never said "No." She should have said something if she didn't really want it.  

11. If she hadn't been so provocative, it likely wouldn't have happened, 

"He struck a plea deal with prosecutors that saw most of his 11 charges dropped in exchange for him pleading guilty to three second-degree felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor."
"He allegedly threatened the child and told her he would slit the throats of her family members in front of her before slitting her throat if she ever told anyone about the abuse. "
"He was also accused of forcing the young girl to watch pornography and calling the sex acts she saw "teaching moments". He would then abuse and rape the girl using some of those sex acts."
"While he was facing 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, he was sentenced to just 210 days in prison and 48 months probation."
"[His] arrest comes less than a week after a Utah CEO admitted to having more than 13,000 files of child pornography, including some that depicted rape and bestiality."

How many mug shots did I see like this over 11+ years? Hundreds. It was inevitably the men arrested with tons of child porn... the ones who would claim during Sex Offender Treatment to be “Minor Attracted”... they would be the ones to pose with such brazen defiance on their faces and in their eyes. No other category of sex offender takes mug shots like this.
That’s how uniquely darkened and psychopathic child offenders are, as they are the darkest of all criminal minds. It was inevitably the case you would see such mug shots as you opened up their filed. So much for contrition, eh?

The reality is that he knows just how easy it is to fool most churches. And, while in prison, predators will compare notes and share pointers with each other, to help them better ensure they won't get busted the next time. 
As such, it is this kind of predator most likely to attend chapel on a regular basis, and become "active" in religious activities in the prison (because that enables him to hide from being assaulted in general population, as there are no secrets in jail). Once he's gained the confidence of the chaplains, he will maneuver his way into being able to interact with outside ministry groups and church worship groups that come into the prison to hold special events. He will gain contact information, and start corresponding with the various churches, in order to begin preparing for when he gets released. 

Once released, he will look for a church that is easily manipulated by his story of "finding God in prison" and needing a "loving body of believers that can help him learn how to forgive himself" once he gets out of prison. 

The church will inevitably fall for this wolf, and will give him a warm reception once he is released from prison, as that church will have people in leadership who have never studied the differences in sex offenders, and cannot meaningfully differentiate a Prodigal from a Predator.


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