The Darkness of the Sophisticated Child Predator

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Welcome to the face of one of the most profoundly darkened Child Predators, who ran a massive child porn network where kidnapped children were filmed while being raped.

The day before law enforcement raided his home, this MAP ("Minor Attracted Person) would have been considered a "non-offending" and virtuous pedophile. How so? Because, he would have looked any researcher or a clinician straight in the eye and said he NEVER looked at child porn, and had never touched or harmed a child sexually.
Amazingly,  certain "academic experts", are pushing for the 'P' (Pedophile) to be recognized as a sexual orientation, as they claim that we should believe men who claim they are "attracted" (lust after using children sexually), because those same men give their word they would NEVER look at child porn or touch children. Yep, that is the basis for the scientific research that says such men are "non-offending." 

Such supposed expert  researchers conveniently overlook the fact that, when such sincere sounding men finally do get busted, 100% of them are charged for possession of child porn. So, why the effort to make these porn-saturated and deceptive men appear to be trustworthy? 
Because it advances their narrative that "love is love", and that men and kids can share special intimate moments without it being harmful. Welcome to this deceptive grand ruse being pushed. 

Why are such Pedophile Apologists pushing such a deceptive, man-made psychological myth? We can't know for sure what it is within them that would drive them to spin such a deceptive narrative. However, the end result of such a grand scheme would be to afford darkened and deceptive sexually psychopathic men... the kind of men who lust after kids due to their years of secret porn use (watching the kind of vile material this animal produced)... the ability to obtain civil rights protection.
If that kind of flawed and deceptively agenda-driven "academic research" is not bad enough, this predator would later be assessed as "Low Risk" using the nation's most reputable sex offender risk assessment, the STATIC-99R. 

Once in prison sex offender treatment, this seemingly harmless and unassuming psychopath will inevitably attempt to manipulate the treatment provider by talking about how he:

* was sexually abused as a child (NOT TRUE),

* always had been attracted to kids (NOT TRUE),

* suffered from a life-long depression and anxiety (NOT TRUE),

* always found it easier to interact with kids due to being socially awkward (NOT TRUE),

* never fully understood the concept of consent (NOT TRUE),

* was really just trying to help the children understand their own sexual identity (NOT TRUE),

* was simply trying to help the children explore their own sexuality (NOT TRUE),

* doesn't recall much of what happened as it would only happen when he was drinking (NOT TRUE).


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