Classic Lines from Child Predators in Prison Sex Offender Treatment Groups

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Classic lines from pedophiles in prison sex offender Treatment Groups:
* "I swear, I would never have done something like that had I had any idea that she was under 18. That's not the kind of guy I am. I would never lie about something like that."
* "She never disclosed her age to me, and I wouldn't want to offend her by asking."
* "She told me she was over 18."
* "I was drunk, and didn't realize she was that young."
* "How's a guy supposed to know that she wasn't quite 18, since young women develop so soon these days?"
* "She acted so mature... how would I ever guess she was only 11?"
* "I am upset that this little slut would have led me to believe that she was over 18."
* "Why would her mother set men like me up by allowing her daughter to dress and act that way? What kind of mother would do that? That kind of irresponsible mother should have her head examined for allowing her daughter to interact with guys who will assume the girl is older than she is. This mother sets guys like us up for problems."
* "It's only wrong in this country because our laws that don't understand the kind of love that certain older people can share with young kids. We don't exploit them...
We aren't harmful as some people like you would want to have people believe. You think it's wrong. But, it can be a beautiful thing to share that kind of special closeness with a young person. We aren't harming anyone. Do you see them screaming, or trying to run away?...
No, because there is a deep heart-connection that narrow-minded homophobic, transphobic, and religious bigots like you can't understand. No, you simply tell us we are wrong because you are the real problem, spreading your hate and trying to suggest that MAPs are pedophiles...

"We're not! It is you who create the kind of hate in this world that harms these young people. We are trying to teach them about safe and loving relationships. But, I have to be in this stupid group, and listen to you tell me about "victim impact", because it's people like you who won't accept the 'P' as a valid sexual orientation! I feel like you are singling me out because of your hatred and bias, so I am likely going to have to file a grievance against you to Central Office...
You are a danger to the treatment of men who really want to get help, and need support rather than your condemnation."

* "I don't know how those pictures got in my cell. Why was the officer searching my cell while I was in sex offender group with you? He can't do that! That's against policy!! I don't know why he found those pictures of kids...
I would NEVER do that! You have to believe me, because I would NEVER lie about something like that! Somebody is trying to set me up by planting that stuff in my cell!"

Welcome to the men who have descended beyond "Barely Legal" porn... as they morph into MAPs "Minor Attracted Persons" (AKA... men who lust after kids because of saturating their minds in progressively deviant porn).
No man is born a sophisticated pedophile (demonstrated sophistication regarding grooming and planning). No man has a pedophile brain from lack of fetal or genetic developmental anomalies, from environmental factors, from past sexual abuse, from being socially awkward, from low self-esteem, or from mental health issues.
Men become pedophiles by moving through predictable stages of lust, then into deviance, consistently and repeatedly violating their conscience, and eventually morphing into sexual psychopathy. Add porn and the internet to that, and you've super charged the process. That is why 100% of such men, once finally busted, will be found in possession of massive amounts of child porn. 100% of them!


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