Another Domino Falls... as the Predator's Strategic Plan Marches Closer To It's Goal

Unless you understand The Predator Game Plan, you won’t see how strategically targeted and executed the defunding of the Vancouver Rape Relief Services & Shelter was for the Predators and their Apologists. Most don’t see the connection between the infiltration of women’s sports, locker rooms, restrooms, and other “private spaces” by porn-fueled deviant men who playing dress-up in women’s underwear, and the defunding of rape services for women. And, that is why the Predator's Game Plan is moving forward with Blitzkrieg-like success.

The eradication of women’s sports, their safe spaces, their places of shelter and safety, are all a part of a very strategic plan to render women silent and submissive, and was planned decades ago as they created the perfect Trojan Horse to be pulled by the trail blazing feminist movement. Once these women had broken down all gender barriers, the existence of gender and the protective instinct of women toward child protection would need to be eliminated in order, for these men to achieve their ultimate goal of unfettered access to kids. As this Movement represents an actual existential threat to women, why aren’t we seeing massive marched and pink hats in the streets? Because, those marches really weren’t what they appeared, and were primarily pushed by male predator dominated “special interests.” 

For a better understanding of just how strategic this is, visit's 'Insights', under 'The Predator's Game Plan', parts 1-3.  


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