Can You Spot the Predator Red Flags?

Parents, look at the faces, and read about the ages and occupations in the following article. It is imperative you know what kind of men are trying to interact with your kids, in order to groom them. Given they are incredibly persistent, as they troll social media, like on Facebook and Twitter, hiding their identities, and even posing as young kids or teens.

Word has it that at least one of these Predators had been involved in cross dressing to access groom kids by reading to them in hiding his identity under his Drag outfit & a wig at a library, and was also involved in Furries, where he could dress in a big costume, access kids, while hiding 100% of his identity.

What are a couple ways to spot them? Spend time on Facebook or Twitter looking at the pages of some who participate in those activities. If you find things that would appeal to kids, or highly suggestive and sexualized content, take note.
Also, as you are on social media, look for those who energetically oppose or become fixated on people who promote child safety by unmasking Predators and their Apologists. If you see them intent upon silencing those who warn about the Red Flag Characteristics of Predators, take note.
In fact, check back here to see if any such anonymous people post negative comments, and... take note.


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