Welcome to the Sad Reality of the Trans Deception.

I'm just left shaking my head in disbelief on so many levels, for Sam, and the countless other young people who are starting to have to live with the results of this grand man-made ruse they were fed, by the cult leaders who are pushing this scheme. What does the Trans Deception do for those young people which became groomed, manipulated, and/or encouraged to go through a sex change? 

As you watch Sam in this youtube video describe what life is now like, can you imagine that no adult tried to help ensure there was full disclosure of the deep relational and psychological differences between men and women? It is unbelievable to think how little proper counseling Sam received.

This has so much that could be unpacked in terms of things that need to be understood with regard the innate differences between men and women, and how this grand deception will always create deep disillusionment and unanticipated life-long problems.

Though some will try to say that removing breasts and adding a penis makes a girl a guy, the real question is, “What if she stopped taking testosterone?” She would revert back to what and who she is… a woman.

But, the deception underlying this man-made psychological myth simply has created a desire to embrace a delusion, which will then require life-long effort to maintain the false world that’s been created. That is not freedom.  And, true healing and wholeness does not come from trying to wish away your true gender. That is a pathway that simply leads to futility, frustration, confusion, disappointment, an inevitable sense of isolation, and emptiness.


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