The Trans Deception is Leaving Countless Young People Forever Scarred... Physically, Emotionally, & Psychologically

This story is simply heartbreaking, and should move all good people to action. This nefarious Agenda, called "The Trans Movement," is being strategically pushed by unethical greedy doctors, big pharma, and Predators.

This man-made psychological deception has come out of nowhere over the past 15 years, and is leaving an ever-growing number of young people physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred for life. It is employing the most sophisticated of cult-like techniques in it's targeting, recruitment, and retention of these vulnerable youth. Simply put, this is a dark form of NXIVM... but on steroids!

As one who has worked clinically with kids in the system who were  multiple placement failures and Severely Emotionally Disturbed, if we didn’t see it then, you can bet that this has been manufactured. Vulnerable and hurting kids are being manipulated into sex change “treatments,” which will cause untold damage to them… and create a host of new ones if they are ever able to bring themselves to finally look into a mirror and come to terms with the reality of how they were tricked, and deceived by those adults they trusted.

Given that so many of these young people had issues stemming from having been sexually abused and/or groomed, their pain is all the more compounded as they are awakening to the stark reality that they were encouraged to head into “treatments” that would never touch the core issues, but would only add insult to injury.

In the following exchange I has with one such de-transitioner, the pain he expresses is heartbreaking. That is why we must stand up on their behalf, to speak out against this grand deception currently being foisted upon so many young people.


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