What Happens When A Young Adult Awakens To The Trans Deception?

Watching such videos (this one produced by a very brave and honest young adult by the name of Roly) not only speaks to the inner strength of those speaking out about what they’ve experienced within “the community” (a degree of militant reactivity, intolerance, and disrespect that has shocked them… from those claiming to be the most sensitive and tolerant of all groups), but also to the overall impact the Trans Deception is having on young people, who are left with this… a world that no longer appears what it once did… or as it was sold to them.

This is the a well-done video, giving outsiders a look into what happens when people start to see a cult for what it is, and the ways in which they will be treated when they are no longer able or willing to disavow truth. To the adults watching, I simply must ask, “How have we permitted our young people to actually go through this?”

This grand man-made psychological deception has caused nothing but pain and confusion for those vulnerable, confused, &/or hurting young people (many of whom have been sexually abused), who were manipulated by sophisticated cult-like tactics. For those who are persuaded to go “all in”, who take the sex change treatments all the way to the ultimate in cosmetic surgery, by removing or adding body parts, they will be left scarred for life, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. They will have to maintain the inner and outer altered state forever, with life-long medical treatment and trying to portray a false sense of self in a world they weren’t prepared to enter with its vast implications. This cult-like movement is NXIVM on steroids.


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