The Trans Deception is NOT helping Young People!

The Trans Movement is being pushed by those who do NOT have the best interest of young people in mind. Far from it!  Instead of helping them work through their questions and confusion in a normal and healthy way, disingenuous “special interests” are trying to move them toward sex change… as though that will ever help. No, that will only add insult to injury.

In the following, please listen Elle Palmer, as her story is so typical of those who have been swept into the Trans Movement. Fortunately, she found the strength to move back away from a pathway that leads to lifelong implications, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Where was the Counseling to help this young women through her sexual trauma?!  Sadly, she was simply encouraged to begin sex change treatments… and the doctors were all too happy to make money off her!

For those who still aren’t sure of why we must help protect vulnerable kids (the majority of whom have experienced some form of sexual grooming, abuse, exploitation, or trauma), this personal story is vital to understand, as it so clearly highlights the experience of so many gender confused young people.

And, if you think this is a minor issue in the culture right now, this video has been viewed over 446K times within the span of just one month!

And, to Elle Palmer, I say you are brave, and please know that there is healing for your heart... without changing yourself, for you were created unique and special.

Click on the video to listen to her story:


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