How Did This Church NOT See the Warning Signs of a Predator?

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This man is NOT a Christian, is NOT a "man of God", and is NOT a pastor... NEVER was. He was a con artist, a white collar psychopath, a kind that is even worse than what is described in 2 Peter Ch. 2. In fact, I doubt even Judas would have done this. That's how evil this fraud is!

How could such a Predator manage to fool so many? Simple. Because the vast majority of churches can't meaningfully differentiate the difference between a Prodigal vs. a Predator. That is why victims rarely disclose, because so many churches are "sanctuary cities" for Predators.

Want to test the degree of awareness and understanding of your church leadership? Ask them to meaningfully describe and differentiate the difference between the following categories of men:

1. Tempted
2. Lust-filled
3. Sexually addicted
4. Perverted
5. Deviant
6. White Collar Sexual Psychopath
7. Sadistic Sexual Psychopath
8. Sophisticated Child Predator

If they can't, they likely have each kind sitting in the pews on Sundays... if not on the Board, or "serving" in some ministry capacity.
How can I be sure? Easy. How many do you think I had in my prison sex offender groups over the years?


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