The Trans Deception is Slowly Taking it's Toll on Young Adults

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Jazz: "I have been experiencing a lot emotionally and spiritually. I've had a lot of anxiety lately... a lot of break downs... I've learned that I experience emotions very deeply... it can just be very crippling at times... I felt myself slipping away multiple times... I have struggles, I have problems, anxiety, depression... I have been through a lot..."

Some would try to assert that this is burnout, that this is the result of perfectionism, of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Really? For the person who would assert that, I would simply ask how many cases of severe depression and anxiety have you ever worked with clinically? If you can't discern that this is much more than a response to a situational stressor, then you have no clinical experience that would be able to help Jazz get to the root of this chronic emotional pain that has become debilitating.

Sadly, Jazz has been pushing the benefits of "Transitioning" for how many years, and this is where it has led... all indications of very deep internal trouble surfacing... despite all the external attempts at changing what can't really be changed? As a child he needed support. Now, as a multi-millionaire young adult, he needs people to support him enough by helping him see that truth is finally trying to surface.

Support devoid of truth simply becomes enabling... enabling that which is slowly killing him. He has been pushed deeply into a grand deception which must be maintain with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, lest it all unravel. He is now consigned to a life of pretend... and a part of him is likely tired of being silenced... a part of him that has been airbrushed away. But, he has also made millions off of promoting this grand deception onto vulnerable kids.

So, Jazz is no longer in need of support as he once did as a child, as his millions have been made by pushing a lie... by helping to brainwash an entire generation of kids into thinking there is such a thing as "gender fluidity." But, as a young adult, he sill needs our support and encouragement, to help him come to terms with the truth trying to surface. So, we must support that part of him which was buried, pushed down, and made to keep quiet... incentivized to keep secrets. We need to support that part of him to be able to surface, and receive the healing he needs... in order to support him as he unmasks this grand nefarious ruse.

As you watch the following film clip, some would try to suggest that this is "stress related" (as Jazz suggests). For those of us who've dealt with serious clinical cases, I can assure you this is qualitatively different than burnout. Burn out does not exhibit the clinical features we see Jazz exhibit. Though Jazz may be burned out, this is a very different thing. This is truth starting to surface after years of pretending and surgeries. This young man has tried to distort reality... but, it is surfacing. And, as this clip will show, he likely has been holding "secrets." Yet look at how many adults have facilitated this ruse!

Though my professional background may naturally cause me to see things in terms of "non-verbals", and clues to what is being said and what is being avoided... when you watch this, I am inclined to believe we see a HUGE elephant in the middle of the room. Hint: watch when Jazz is intensely stating what is going on internally... and, notice who Jazz looks at... look at their reactions... and ask yourself if those are normal reactions. I think Jazz was getting close to speaking about some secrets that started him down this entire sex change issue so many years ago.


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