Unmasking the Reality of the Sophisticated Predator

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"He also allegedly filmed himself abusing two children, one aged just four. "

"His mobile phone was seized and on it police allegedly found 11 videos showing him recording disabled adults without their consent and sexually assaulting two children."

"An old friend of Nuumaalii's told Daily Mail Australia 'he could not believe it' when he was told about the charges against him and said he came from a 'beautiful' family."

To understand the Sophisticated Predator, it is imperative to appreciate the importance of those 3 sentences. Why? Because, there has been a concerted effort, by a select group of agenda-driven "academic researchers," 
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to craft and push the 100% manufactured man-made psychological  myth of the "non-offending" pedophile and MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons... 
AKA Men who Lust After Kids due to the extensive amount of online porn use they secretly access behind closed doors when no one is around). Why would they do that? They are driven to rebrand Pedophilia as something other than what it is, a vile perpetration against children by porn-fueled deviant adults who long to mar the innocence of children. 

Such Predator Apologists have been amazingly successful in influencing public policy and legal decisions, and they are now working toward influencing public opinion. As such, their deceptive narrative must be countered with the truth. And, if one of them gets busted, such myths can serve as an insurance policy for either a lighter sentence, or simply being diverted to treatment with no jail time served. 

As this story reveals, Sophisticated Sexual Predators are 
NOT nice guys who suddenly "slipped", are NOT driven to re-enact their own abuse, and are NOT "Minor Attracted." Those are all myths. The reality is they are calculating white collar psychopaths (as they have no conscience, no empathy, and no remorse), are able to fool everyone around them, and are into the most heinous of porn... lots of it...  which they've been progressively into for years... which is why 100% of them are busted with child porn on their devices. Doubt that? I challenge anyone to show me a single case where a pedophile was not charged with possession of child porn. 

Having reviewed hundreds of criminal files and police reports over my 11+ years on prison psychology staff and conducting sex offender treatment, I can assure you that there was not a single case where a pedophile was arrested, who was not charged for possession of child porn. 

They are NOT porn addicted, because addicts have a sense of shame and try to stop. Instead, they want more of it, as they have morphed into the realm of psychopathy, where they are driven to defile and defraud. That is their energizing entertainment. That is how dark they are.

Just how calculating and strategic are such Predators? How much of a deceiver is this type of Predator? How well are they able to play good people for fools? 
Consider the extent to which this Predator manipulated everyone around him. This man was a mandated reporter of sexual abuse, had been trained to spot abuse, had signed an agreement promising to report abuse, had passed a background check, and worked around others trained like he was... yet no one suspected him. How? 
Because predators are simply that calculating. Yet, he will now claim he has been wrestling with mental health issues all his like (despite all the glowing remarks by those who knew him), he will claim to have wrestled with low self esteem, will claim to have been abused, and will claim to have been "Minor Attracted" ever since he can remember. None of that will be supported by any objective proof, yet he will say we need to believe him, since he says it to be true. We will need to believe a profoundly adept deceiver and liar because he says he is being honest.  
Yep, that's the nature of the game... and, they play it to the hilt, as the Predator Apologists have carefully laid the groundwork and the talking points for that tactic to work with "flipping the script", toward the end of generating misplaced sympathies. 

This is the kind of Predator that embeds himself where he can access the most vulnerable of kids.
And, as the Trans Movement makes the perfect hunting ground for this type, it is this kind of Sophisticated Predator that will select that Movement to target vulnerable kids. and teens.  That is why we must ensure that vulnerable kids are protected, as opposed to exploited, by such Predators.


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