The Eyes of Young Abuse Victims Will Speak Volumes.


This is an important story, as it puts to rest the deception so often used by MAPs/Pedophiles once they're busted.
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They will inevitably claim that they were abused, and thus re-enacting their own abuse on their victims. They will assert they need treatment instead of prison. But, as is clearly revealed in this story, no young victim of sexual abuse appears well-adjusted once the abuse starts.
As was clearly revealed over my 11+ years conducting Sex Offender Treatment with incarcerated sex offenders, Sophisticated Predators will suggest they were abused, despite no proof of such abuse throughout their childhood and teen years. In fact, the most sophisticated of predators have no prior criminal history, and everyone is shocked to find out he was busted, as he was the last one to be thought able to do such a thing by those closest to the predator. That is not the profile of a Survivor.
What is the profile of a Survivor? A Survivor will inevitably become protective of kids... in fact overly protective of kids... never exploitive of kids. Doubt that? Just ask adults, who were raised by a parent who suffered sexual abuse, to recall what it was like growing up. What will they inevitably say? That his/her parent was hyper-vigilant, always on guard, tended to be overly protective, and was often restrictive regarding the freedoms permitted, as the parent always had to know who they were with, where they were going. And, for sure, there were NEVER any sleep overs permitted!
And, the internet use was always closely monitored with lots of security. Why? Because that parent was a protective mama bear, ensuring that nothing would happen to her kids like what happened to her. That is the profile of a Survivor.

But, what about those men who are in therapy, who claim to be MAPs ("Minor Attracted Persons")?
Given that they will never disclose about their child porn, and will claim to never look at child porn, they are lying through their teeth...
and their involvement in any kind of therapy is simply an insurance policy if/when they are finally busted by law enforcement for their dark online activities, and the tons of child porn that will be found on their devices and thumb drives.
That is why 100% of them... once they do get busted... will be charged with possession of child porn.

My review of hundreds of criminal files over 11+ years on psychology staff and conducting Sex Offender Treatment for incarcerated sex offenders revealed that every sex offender was increasingly involved in progressive porn use prior to arrest.

And, 100% of pedophiles progressed intentionally in their porn use, progressing through very predictable stages of increasing deviance. And, that is one of the key realities they and their predator apologists fight to ensure the public doesn't discover.

Survivors will always show signs of abuse at some point in time throughout their formative years. And, Survivors grow into adult who are very protective of kids... not those who are sophisticated in their methods of sexually grooming and exploiting kids. When you've looked into the eyes of children, they begin to tell you a lot when the child finds it hard to speak up.
If the eyes are the windows into the soul, are we aware when a child's soul is crying out?

Predators count on us not seeing... not noticing... the eyes of young victims.

But, when those kids grow up, their eyes tell you everything you need to know.

Given that a significant number of the kids who are manipulated into the Trans Deception were in foster care at some point in time, they make easy targets for predators to groom them, and influence them toward life styles that are anything other than affirming.

Look into the eyes of such young people as the get older, and they'll silently speak volumes.

When you've worked clinically with both Survivors and Predators, I can assure you there's a very different look in their eyes.

Even in prison, you can discern the difference between those men who were sexually victimized as kids vs. those who would try to make up a story about being sexually abused, in order to manipulate judges, parole officials, and clinical professionals into giving them less time for sexually abusing their young victims.
In prison, where are you most likely to find the largest number of men who were themselves victims of sexual abuse? On the Sex Offender Treatment Unit? No. Where then? On the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Unit. And, should they be required to take Sex Offender Treatment, they won't be doing so for a child victim. And, they will be the ones who need to be helped from acting upon their strong desire to assault those who have child victims. If you know what you are looking for, the eyes of legitimate Survivors speak volumes.


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