When it comes to studying Sexual Predators... is all research equally valid and reliable?

When it comes to producing research findings on sexual predators and the degree of risk they may or may not pose, anyone can claim to have done in-depth analysis, as it is a field that few have willingly entered into or studied. Thus, by virtue of so few having sat down with sexual predators, someone can sound authoritative, when they actually aren't... despite getting their "findings" reviewed and published.

So, how do you discern the degree of validity and reliability, and insights a researcher or "academic expert" has gleaned? 
Ask them:
1. How they gained access to the predators in their research?
2. How many predators they interviewed, in what way, for how many hours, in scripted or unscripted interviews? 

Was it between a sheet of glass, in a conference room, with or without officers present, were the inmate secured or unsecured, was the interview overheard by prison officials and was the inmate informed of that fact?
3. If a block officer was present, how was the inmate ensured of confidentiality?

4. If the inmate was called from the unit for the interview, how did the interviewer ensure there was no confounding effects (word travels fast within a prison's inmate population),
5. Was the purpose of the interview disclosed in advance to the inmate(s)? If so, how did the researcher ensure that the inmates were not identified by other inmates as sex offenders coming to be interviewed (as sex offenders try to keep their sentences a secret from the other inmates for obvious reasons).  
6. As sex offenders designated as Sexually Violent Predators, or those with minor victims, are interviewed by the state's Sex Offender Assessment Board, which usually includes the PCL-R, and since many such inmates have access to a popular book coaching them on how best to "fake it to make it" as they are interviewed, and as each of the sex offenders know that what they say can get back to the Parole Board (as there are no secrets in jail), 
how did the researcher ferret out and discern truthful responses vs. those contrived... by the world's greatest class of manipulators and deceivers?

7. Whether they were granted unfettered and unlimited access to interview the full continuum of incarcerated sex offenders, even in the Restricted or segregated units?

8. How the subjects were selected, and how they were screened?
9. How many of criminal, medical, psychiatric, and psychological records were they able to freely review in order to corroborate what they were told?
10. How many outsiders did they speak with to corroborate what they were told by the offender?
11. How they verified the veracity of the information that came from the offender's mouth?

12. To what extent did they inquire about the offender's porn consumption, his history of progressive porn use, and how much he consumed prior to him perpetrating his offense? How was that corroborated?
13. Are they forensically Certified in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?  

14. How many times have they administered the STATIC-99R, and do they have concerns with that instrument's assumption that pedophiles decrease their offending as they get older?
15. How many years have they spent conducting sex offender treatment, and to which population of sex offenders?

16. How many Parole Psychological Evaluations have they completed on Sex Offenders?
17. How many survivors have they worked with clinically, and in what way?
18. How many Predators have they worked with clinically, and in what way?
19. What is the difference between these populations: men who lust, vs. men who objectify vs. men who are sexually addicted vs. men who are sexual deviants vs. sexual sociopathy vs. sexual psychopaths?

20. What is the consistent progression in terms of the categories of porn accessed as a man descends into sexual deviance? 

21. Do they have a website that contains their insights?
22. Do they feel porn is harmful 100% of the time? 

23. Do they consider 50 Shades to be entertainment?
24. Do they consider Furries and Drag Queen Story Hour to be safe and healthy venues for kids?
25. Can they describe how best to explain a teen who cuts or does other forms of self-injury?
26. Can they describe what are some of the more common symptoms that serves as Red Flags of sexual grooming abuse for a teen?

27. Can they describe the typical ways Predators will fake being sexual abuse survivors in order to "flip the script"... in order to generate misplaced sympathies?

A competent and qualified researcher, who has an in-depth understanding of sexual predators, should be able to easily respond to each of the aforementioned.

Given that it was found, over 11 years of working intensively with sexual predators and reviewing 1000s of inmate records, that 100% of sex offenders were progressing in their porn use prior to offending, and that 100% of pedophiles are busted with heinous child-rape porn, any research that is to be taken seriously regarding why men sexually offend must include their history of porn use.

Since sexual predators are the world's greatest liars and deceivers, the aforementioned questions are key to determining the validity and reliability of research into anyone claim's to have done research into sex offenders.


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