Judges Must Understand the True Threat Posed by Sophisticated Child Predators

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"This wasn’t one or two photos... this was hundreds and thousands, said judge Culver."

“This is a horrendous case as I said thousands of photos, videos copied on to multiple devices, said Judge Julie Culver. When police raided Klugman’s home and Salinas office they found child porn images on hard drives, thumb drives and other electronics."

"His defense attorney called it a mistake."

“You can not categorize over a thousand images and videos of young children specifically toddlers being sexually assaulted as 'a mistake,' said prosecutor Elaine McCleaf during Friday’s hearing which was done via video conference because of the COVID-19 pandemic."

"As part of a plea deal, the dentist received a 5-year suspended prison sentence. If Klugman breaks any laws over the next three years he will be going to prison."

This is actually a fairly normal amount of child & infant-rape porn for a sophisticated "non-offending" pedophile to possess. He simply didn't get a chance to start destroying the evidence before the police busted him.

So, just how shameless and darkened in conscience are such heinous predators? How easily do they deceive? This "Minor Attracted Person" signed in agreement that he would report any suspected instances of child sexual abuse in order to gain and renew his professional license, he was a Mandated Reporter of suspected child abuse.

How sophisticated was he? He had no criminal history, passed all criminal background checks, and took Mandatory Abuse reporting courses to renew his license. I wonder how many children he worked on in his practice. If so, did he sedate them while the trusting parents waited in the waiting room?

This travesty of a sentence is in large part due to the clinician who assessed this predator as low risk and the judge who is in need of being educated on predators. The most widely utilized sex offender risk assessment instrument, the STATIC-99R is dangerously flawed when it comes to assessing sophisticated pedophiles. This man will go back to doing what he was doing... just with a greater degree of dedication to ensuring he is not busted again.

And, the real question is how many churches would be inclined to believe such a Predator if he came to the pastor to say that he was looking for a church that could take him in so he could learn to forgive himself? Virtually 100%!
Welcome to how Sophisticated Predators play churches for fools. And, because most church leaders can't meaningfully explain the difference between a Prodigal and a Predator, churches  have become "sanctuary cities" for Predators. All because church leaders simply don't read and understand what is in 2 Peter Ch. 2.  

Thus, far too often, children are placed at risk, and Survivors are re-traumatized as such Predators are welcomed into the church... all because such Predators have managed to manipulate their way into the fold, and to generate misplaced sympathies. How do I know? I hear from those Survivors all the time.


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