The Making of a Cild Predator

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These are NOT "swingers," but heinous psychopathic predators. 

Let's see if they ever report how much porn was involved! And, let's see if they report about what other kinds of deviant activities and groups in which these two were quite possibly involved.

11+ yrs conducting both High and Low Intensity sex offender treatment to the full range of incarcerated sex offenders found that 100% were into porn prior to perpetrating their offense, and had progressed through predictable kinds of porn depending upon the nature of the sexual offense.

And, 100% of pedophiles/MAPs 
were busted with child porn. There was not a single exception found in 11+ years of reviewing hundreds of pedophiles' criminal files. Porn is always in play in every sexual offense. Porn is the one common denominator.

For those of us who've worked in prisons in an intensive clinical capacity, and had access to 100% of their personal and criminal histories, there is a 100% porn rate among sex offenders. 

Men work hard to become pedophiles, as they must spend an inordinate amount of time violating and overriding their conscience as they go deeper into deviance.

How can you discern the difference between a normal adult vs. those who are Predators? Normal adults get angry when they see kids being sexualized. Predators will try to sound so reasonable about a young person's "self-expression." How do Predators manage to make grooming of young kids easy?

Just how dark and sophisticated are child predators?

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That is how men come to lust after kids. And, that is the dirty secret that they are trying desperately to ensure the public doesn't discover. Why? Because they know that they've only been able to generate misplaced sympathies by painting themselves to be well-meaning people who simply have a problem, as opposed to porn-saturated deviants who long to defile children. 

Until I had spent years working intensively with the "worst of the worst" in long-term Solitary Confinement, and working with countless sex offenders in general population, I simply thought that the information I had learned in my graduate texts were correct in terms of what makes men want to touch kids sexually.

I had been told by professors that "the research shows" that such men have been sexually abused, and are simply re-enacting out their abuse on their same age children as the age their own abuse occurred. 

Little would I realized back in the grad school that I would one day create the nation's first intensive treatment program for men in long-term Solitary, or that I would log more clinical contact hours in Solitary Confinement than any psychology staff in the US, or that I would oversee the treatment for one of the PA Dept. of Corrections High Intensity Sex Offender Units for High Risk & Sexually Violent Predators...

or, little would I know that, because of the the kinds of clinical assessments I had written over the years, I would be invited to be a part of a hand-selected group of clinicians to be trained for forensic Certification by Dr. Robert Hare, Ph.D., in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, or that I would go on to become Certified as both a Clinical Trauma Professional and a Sex Offender Treatment Provider.  
But, it was from that extensive professional experience that I gained valuable insights into the minds, motives, and methods of sexual predators, and the way a man morphs from lust to deviance, from a someone with a conscience into a sexual psychopath.

And, it was from those thousands of hours spend doing a deep dive into the minds of sexual predators that I came to understand what motivates them at the various points in their downward progression into deviance.

And, it was from those years of intensive embedded field research that I came to realize that the most sophisticated of Pedophiles know that most people do not understand the pathway into child porn. That is why they've been able to get away with floating the man-made psychological myth of a "non-offending" pedophile or a MAP (Minor Attracted Person... AKA Men who Lust After Kids due to extensive progressive porn consumption). 

They know that most people would never guess there are stages through which men progress... as they become increasing porn-saturated... as they become morally "given over" to lust... then descend into the progressively irreversible stage of deviance.. which transforms a person into a psychopathic white collar psychopathic sexual predator (some morph into the impulsive and demonically-influenced bloody kinds of sexual psychopaths).  


And, until I worked intensively with sophisticated child predators, I was unaware that there are levels of progressive deviance through which they pass as they morph into pedophiles, and that there are corresponding kinds of pornography that men develop an appetite for, and progressively crave, as they morph into child predators.
Prior to conducting years worth of Sex Offender Treatment and Parole Evaluations for Sexual Predators, I would not have understood the half of what is really true in terms of the morphing process that takes place within a man, to turn him into someone who would prey upon children, instead of a normal man who naturally wants to protect them.  

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Some will try to assert that the above referenced information about the Furries is not accurate. That would simply be due to their involvement in that "Furrie Fandom", and their desire to ensure the dark activities are kept out of the public's awareness, as it simply would reveal that Movement for what it is... the perfect opportunity for predators to groom and sexually abuse kids. A recent video by a former insider gives a glimpse into what goes on in there, and why he decided to leave.

Warning: Graphic Content

But, it is not just Furries that Predators use to gain easy access to kids. The sex offenders in prison disclosed how easy it is to disarm parents (who are normally protective of their kids, who would never allow a strange man to simply walk up and start personally interacting with their kids), by simply putting on women's underwear and dressing in drag, then pretend you are going to read to their kids at the local library. They find it amazing how otherwise smart parent suddenly become so stupid by such an easy grooming strategy, which permits porn-saturated men, who've likely been online the night before, gain direct access to their kids.


But, it is not only those of us who've worked with sexual predators, who've heard it straight from them regarding their preferred methods of grooming, who are raising concerns. Those legitimate adults, who understand the behind the scenes realities of what goes on when parents aren't looking... those adults who are protective of kids... are speaking out against what is clear to them, in order to warn parents against how such activities place children at risk of being groomed.

For those who've worked intensively with both sexual abuse Survivors and Sexual Predators, who've studied the impact of sexual perpetration upon the lives of Survivors, the reality is that Sophisticated predators:
*Are NOT born that way,
*Do NOT suffer from brain developmental issues,
*Were NOT sexually abused as kids,

FYI... Sophisticated Predators are adults with no juvenile history of "acting out"... who are socially well adjusted... likely have no criminal history... are stable enough to appear as productive citizens and employees... are adept at masquerading, and able to manipulate others so to appear as normal married adults... are not suspected by those who knew them best of such heinous activities as it would be so "out of character for them"... are NOT Survivors of sexual abuse... as those who were perpetrated upon as kids will always show signs of abuse, especially those who go on to abuse).

Kids who've been sexually victimized by a perpetrator, who then turn around and "act out" that sexual by sexually victimizing other children (which is quite common), will do so within a relatively brief time frame, as they are unable to restrain their anger for very long. As such, their aggression will become noticeable to the adults around the child (especially at school or day care), and their victimization of other kids will inevitably be discovered... as the new young victim will inevitably show signs of being sexually abused, and will inevitably be willing to disclose what has happened to them.  

Hence, there will always be a record of mandated child abuse reports being made, subsequent police reports and involvement, then Children & Family Services case management & involvement, and then there will be referrals by teachers and school counselors for counseling, etc... there will be lots of paperwork from the investigations and on-going case management. 

And, there will always be an extensive paper trail for those kids who were abused and then "acted out"... as none of those kids will make it through elementary school, middle school, high school, and their adolescent years without acting out... they don't "keep it inside" then perpetrate.  Only genuine Survivors keep it inside, yet they do not harm kids, they become protective of kids, and are hyper-vigilant adults, the helicopter parents who stand guard to protect against any potential wolves. 

Genuine Survivors will inevitably turn into the adults MOST protective of kids. Doubt that? Just ask any kid raised by a parent who actually did experience being sexually abused. Those kids will report that their parent is often overly protective, always watchful, will hardly ever let the kids out of her site.

No, genuine Survivors do not exploit other kids...
 only deviant porn-influenced predators do... predators who are so shameless so as to pretend to be survivors themselves in order to generate misplaced sympathies. 

It was inevitably found during sex offender treatment that, those adult predators who attempted to blame their deviant and criminal perpetration of a child on their own childhood sexual abuse, had no such paper trail in their past to be able to corroborate their contrived account of being sexually abused. They simply suggested that we should take their word for it. Seriously? 

No, if sexual abuse happened to them (as they will inevitably try to assert), trust me, there would be paperwork and a juvenile history they could produce. Sophisticated Predators inevitably will simply say the paperwork got lost over the course of time, so you just have to believe what they say. Really? 

So, a man who spent years deceiving those around him would dare assert that people need to trust what comes out of his mouth... simply because he can sound emphatic and sincere? Isn't that the same tactic he used to deny ever looking at what the police found on his computer? 

So, we should somehow entertain the idea that those who spent years perfecting the art of deception, who got away with as much as they did because they can play act so well, those who played other around them for fools and chumps, we are to somehow assume that once they get busted (you notice they didn't voluntarily go to the police to disclose what they were doing online?), their words should be believed? So, the world's greatest deceivers are owed the benefit of the doubt, and should be taken at face value? If you believe that, then my former sex offender group members have a bridge they'd like to sell you.       

Sophisticated predators:
*Do NOT suffer from mental illness (funny how that never becomes an issue until after they're arrested),
*Are NOT depressed,
*Are NOT socially awkward,
*Do NOT involve themselves with kids because that is the age they can best relate to (as they related just fine with other adult predators online, as well as the other adults they manipulated in order to gain access to the kids who became the targets of the perpetrator's grooming),
*Do NOT "slip" because they have always been MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons... AKA Men Who Lust After Kids due to their extensive porn use),
*Are NOT "non-offending" pedophiles prior to being busted. Sophisticated Predators simply have been slick enough to avoid detection... usually for years.

Such Sophisticated Sexual Predators are the most calculating of deceivers, whose brains have changed because of deviance (as can be seen via brain scans and an assessment of their white matter) as a result of the massive amounts of porn they've consumed online when no one was looking.


They And, just how dark and deviant does this get, as you see a merging of anime and Furries? Spend some time on the various sites offering "Furrie Art," and you'll eventually see zoophilia (code for bestiality), the occult, and necrophilia (sex with the dead).

These deviant men consume as much porn as sex addicts, so their brains actually change in terms of structure and function. However, unlike porn addicts, they have never wanted to stop. No, for the darkened adults who long to defile kids, they love the darkness, the lust, and the spiritual rush that comes from the morphing effect as they descend through the realm of lust into deviance, which transforms their brains into psychopathic brains. 

Scans of MAPs/pedophiles reveal the structural changes resulting from countless hours of porn, and their brain activity and moral reasoning, lack of conscience, lack of remorse, and lack of empathy reflects the degree of profound psychopathy which matches the darkest of criminal minds.

They morphed past lust and into deviance, which was then super charged because of their progressive porn use behind closed doors. They saturate themselves in heinous online material, are master deceivers, are adept at impression management, and lie on a professional level. That is who they are... these adults who long to touch kids sexually, who long to defile them, who love to watch a child innocence stolen and purity defiled.

 Why do pedophiles and their apologists (many of whom are therapists or "academic researchers") try to float the idea of MAPs ("Minor Attracted Persons")? As an insurance policy. Should they get busted for their secret online activities, they can tell the judge they "slipped" from their sobriety due to stress, in a moment of weakness. Their therapist can speak on their behalf, assuring the judge that the troubled perpetrator needs treatment, not punishment, understanding as opposed to stigmatization, to ensure he heals vs. pushes things back into his subconscious, to where it will fester and may drive him to reoffend.

Welcome to the strategic plan and the talking points to ensure that once a child predator is finally busted, they do as little prison time as possible, and the therapists make a lot of money from the court ordered treatment.


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