The Child Predator's Tactics & the Trans Deception

As Child Predators are the world's greatest manipulators and deceivers, it is important for parents and all good people to understand the various tactics they use to access kids, their strategies, and their talking points. Predators count on people being ignorant of their schemes, in order to continue pushing toward their ultimate end-game of complete and unfettered access to kids.

Toward that end, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to access the best of my posts about Predators' Tactics and The Trans Deception all in one location, to serve as a repository of good information to be used in the fight to protect kids from the wiles of child predators and their Apologists. This post is intended to serve that purpose.

This post will serve as a repository for my blog posts on: 

(1) Child Predators, and their methods and tactics they use to gain access to kids, their tactics being employed toward their ultimate goal of the normalization and decriminalization of Pedophilia, and
(2) The Trans Deception.

 Though I will continue to post additional posts separately, I will also add them here for easy reference.

Predator Tactics and Characteristics

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What are some of the classic excuses heard from the mouths of child predators during prison sex offender treatment groups?

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The Myths which protect child predators

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Just how darkened are the hearts of sophisticated child predators?

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What does it take to produce reliable & valid research into sexual predators?
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What are child predators like in 
Sex Offender Treatment?

How can so many predators pull the wool over the eyes of churches?

How strategic are predators when it comes to avoiding punishment?

How can you tell the difference between a genuine Survivor vs. a Predator who is trying to pretend to be one?

How do men become child predators?

The Trans Deception

What the Pushers of the Trans Deception Don't Want You to Know.

The Trans Pushers have declared war on anyone who would speak out.

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The Trans Deception is harming kids

The predictable tragic results of the 
Trans Deception


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